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Noa is both a feminine given name and a surname. The is a popular name for girls in Israel , meaning "movement" or "motion". In the Bible Noa (or Noah) was one of the Five Daughters of Zelophehad . Noa is also a Japanese feminine name meaning "my love, ...

Usage examples of noa.

Awst be better when spring comes, aw think, But aw feel varry sickly an waik, Awve noa relish for mait nor for drink, An awm ommost too weary to laik.

What fate is befoor thi noa mortal can see, But Christ coom to call just sich childer as thee.

Him off to jail and tried Him, Tho noa fault they could find in Him, Yet they cursed an crucified Him.

Thinks aw its noa use to be feared ov a din, Awst be foorced to rouse Betty to let me get in.

But awl promise to do soa noa moor, If God spares me to Bessy and them.

Awve noa sickness to cause me a pain, An noa troubles to mak mi heart bleed.

Heaven, Whear no moth an noa rust can corrupt or destroy, Nor thieves can braik in, nor troubles annoy.

Aw cause noa fellow-mortal pain, Aw do a kind act when aw can, An hooap to dee an honest man.

If yo have, remember this, Be a true man to her, An whativver gooas amiss, Keep noa secrets throo her.

An one an all wor pressed to share, Mi sweetheart made noa moor to do.

But awd noa better luck nor befooar, An mi harvest wor sorrow an pain.

An aw swore at mi sweetheart wor true,-- For mi faith knew noa falterin then.

An noa matter ha humble or poor they might be, At his booard they wor welcome to feed.

All she could see of Majj Noa Leeberfinger behind the console was his shocking white hair, ruffled and chaotic, as if trying to escape his head.

She hated lying to Noa, but there was no way she could tell him her ultimate plan or he never would have forged her exit documents so she could leave the Institute.