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Answer for the clue "Gentle longing for the past ", 9 letters:

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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1770, "severe homesickness considered as a disease," Modern Latin, coined 1668 in a dissertation on the topic at the University of Basel by scholar Johannes Hofer (1669-1752) as a rendering of German heimweh (for which see home + woe ). From Greek algos ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past Nostalgia may refer to:

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ VERB feel ▪ For a moment, Eline felt a nostalgia for the simplicity of her life as she'd lived it in Oystermouth. ▪ She felt some fleeting nostalgia for her morning fire. ▪ William felt no sense of nostalgia for any of it. ...

Usage examples of nostalgia.

The electrical smell of the ship came into his nostrils, a brew of cooking oil, ozone, diesel fuel, cleaning solution, and amines, the perfume of it filling him with nostalgia.

She felt ready for marriage: Nostalgia was fun, but it failed to beckon her into those bygone days.

I hear he has recently authored a cookery book, laced with herbal nostalgia.

In his phenomenological examination of the theme of love, in exploring the border zone between eroticism and licit sexuality, between irony and nostalgia, Kundera succeeds brilliantly in revealing the inadmissible: all the essentially comical elements concealed in human sexuality!

This feudalist was also the only speaker at the funeral to raise the old specter of the International Zionist Conspiracy, which I thought was a justifiable piece of nostalgia, considering the moment.

She had a passion for crystallized ginger and creme fraiche, which was hard to find anywhere else, and we both had a nostalgia for smoked turkey and Smithfield ham, which Mother, a Virginian, had seen to it were staples of our childhood.

I clutched it with my right hand, hesitated as I was overcome with nostalgia for the griddle and the grill and the deep-fryer, then grabbed it with my left hand, as well, and stepped off the ladder.

I daresay I should have got over my nostalgia if I had treated it with contempt, and then I should not have wasted ten years of my life in the bosom of my cruel stepmother Venice.

The new hue, plus a thirdhand stereo system stocked with appropriate pop classics by the Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, and the Junkanoo Joke-sters, drove the female vacationers into raptures of nostalgia and ensured full bookings for the season.

From Jaspers to Heidegger, from Kierkegaard to Che-stov, from the phenomenologists to Scheler, on the logical plane and on the moral plane, a whole family of minds related by their nostalgia but opposed by their methods or their aims, have persisted in blocking the royal road of reason and in recovering the direct paths of truth.

Followers of obsolete unthinkable trades, doodling in Etruscan, addicts of drugs not yet synthesized, black marketeers of World War III, excisors of telepathic sensitivity, osteopaths of the spirit, investigators of infractions denounced by bland paranoid chess players, servers of fragmentary warrants taken down in hebephrenic shorthand charging unspeakable mutilations of the spirit, officials of unconstituted police states, brokers of exquisite dreams and nostalgias tested on the sensitized cells of junk sickness and bartered for raw materials of the will, drinkers of the Heavy Fluid sealed in translucent amber of dreams.

The poignancy becomes melancholy, then runs straight on through sentiment to nostalgia.

No point in telling him her own theory: that people around here live for saudade, the rush of nostalgia and longing, and you first have to leave a place to feel saudade.

A fog of nostalgia had already begun to creep over those few days between Shoyo and May, before Tom and responsibility.

The secret faith of the 20th century is nostalgia for the archaic, nostalgia for the Paleolithic, and that gives us body piercing, abstract expressionism, surrealism, jazz, rock and roll, and Catastrophe Theory.