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Answer for the clue "Bible bk ", 3 letters:

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n. 1 (abbreviation of number English) 2 (context grammar English) (abbreviation of numeral English)

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Num may refer to: Short for number Num (god) , the creator and high god of the Nenets people of Siberia Short for the Book of Numbers of the Hebrew Bible Khnum , a god of Egyptian mythology Mios Num , an island of western New Guinea Num, Nepal num, the...

Usage examples of num.

Sixteen channels away, a beautiful young woman in a sequined dress is smiling and dropping animal wastes into a Num Num Snack Factory.

The disembodied voiceover is saying how the Num Num Snack Factory takes meat by-products, whatever you have your tongues or hearts or lips or genitals chews them up, seasons them, and poops them out in the shape of a spade or a diamond or a club onto your choice of cracker for you to eat yourself.

You look like some meat byproduct ground up and pooped out by the Num Num Snack Factory.

Sua beleza, num vestido branco para a noite, foi surpreendente para todos.

Lieutenant Uhura, if you please, a fix on the communication center Nummer Ein is utilizing.

Lieutenant Uhura, please open hailing frequencies again and let me know when our Nummer Ein is willing to talk.

Grang, you will accompany our landing party tonight to the palace of His All Highest Nummer Ein.

The group materialized on the parade ground which was the center of the complex of buildings composing the palace of Nummer Ein.

Large enough to hold only a score of people, it was now being occupied by Nummer Ein, his daughter Anna, and a dozen or so of what were obviously his immediate staff.

As though rehearsed, the three victors turned and faced the box where sat Nummer Ein and his group.

Shickle, daughter of Nummer Ein, emerged from the cell of Janice Rand.

Now I see why our Nummer Ein thinks in terms of ultimately challenging even the Federation.

The total area of the palace of Nummer Ein was even greater than they had previously estimated.

Dus legde hij een deken neer, trok haar daarop en wikkelde haar toen in deken nummer twee voordat hij naar het kreekje liep om water te halen.

Verstand haben, gehen Sie jetzt aus Ihrem Haus, suchen sich eine Telefonzelle und rufen die Nummer an, die ich Ihnen jetzt gebe.