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Experience is the debut album by German electronic act York . It features the hit singles Awakening , O.T.B. On The Beach , The Fields of Love (with ATB ), and Farewell to The Moon .

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I. noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a childhood experience ▪ Our childhood experiences make us who we are. a painful experience ▪ It must have been a painful experience for you. a positive experience ▪ Working here has been a very positive experience ...

Usage examples of experience.

With what experience we have had with the hog, and that by no means an agreeable one, we can devise no better method of accommodation than this here described, and it certainly is the cheapest.

Fleete, accompanying them, as it is said, with such vvonderfull trauell of bodie, as doubtlesse had he bene the meanest person, as he vvas the chiefest, he had yet deserued the first place of honour: and no lesse happie do we accompt him, for being associated with Maister Carleill his Lieutenant generall, by whose experiences, prudent counsell, and gallant performance, he atchiued so many and happie enterprises of the warre, by vvhom also he was verie greatly assisted, in setting downe the needefull orders, lawes, and course of iustice, and for the due administration of the same vpon all occasions.

Accordingly, He experienced death by sharing in our human feeling, which of His own accord He had taken upon Himself, but He did not lose the power of His Nature, through which He gives life to all things.

And who does not know by experience that the external can appear out of accord with the essence it has from the internal?

But the profession affecting directly the health and life of every human body, which needs to avail itself of the accumulated experience, knowledge, and science of all the ages, is open to every ignorant and stupid practitioner on the credulity of the public.

Experience is of no account, neither is history, nor tradition, nor the accumulated wisdom of ages.

The specialist skilled by large experience in detecting the exact morbid condition which causes the watery effusion and accumulation, can select his remedies to meet the peculiar indications presented by each individual case.

When in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the concept of nation was taken up in very different ideological contexts and led popular mobilizations in regions and countries within and outside Europe that had experienced neither the liberal revolution nor the same level of primitive accumulation, it still always was presented as a concept of capitalist modernization, which claimed to bring together the interclass demands for political unity and the needs of economic development.

On the contrary, we have seen that many of the great myths of cataclysm seem to contain accurate eye-witness accounts of real conditions experienced by humanity during the last Ice Age.

As police continued to question him after his experience with Durham, Jessie made several accusatory statements about Damien and Jason.

Flying the predator via affinity was always an experience he enjoyed, the freedom granted to creatures of the air was unsurpassed.

Observation, based upon an extensive experience in the management of such diseases, has proved that supposition to be fallacious in every respect, and we would urge all persons afflicted with fistula to have the affliction cured, no matter what complications may exist.

The Allegro ma Non Troppo composers implicitly ask you to isolate a certain amount of time as an experience.

Only experienced alligator trappers were going, and that definitely did not include her.

During this precarious state of the supreme power, a difference would immediately be experienced between those portions of territory which were subjected to the feudal tenures, and those which were possessed by an allodial or free title.