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"Effie" (full character name " Effie Stephanidis ") is an outrageous comedic character played by Australian actress Mary Coustas . Coustas depicts a stereotypical second-generation Greek Australian . The character originated in the comedy program Acropolis ...

Usage examples of effie.

Bannens Bridge of Boats, which Effie had learned to her disappointment was little more than a collection of skiffs and punts roped into a line with boards run across them, had not been afloat in a month.

Such things came at a price, Effie knew, and she wondered how Druss and Clewis Reed could afford them.

Looking around the timbered bank, Effie saw two men standing by a covered wagon hitched to a pair of matched ponies.

Moving around the small cell where Effie slept alone, Raina Blackhail plucked oilskin, dog mitts, and a wool coat from the chair and the dog hook where they had been neatly hung or folded.

Briefly Effie remembered the little luntman Wennil Drook, who had lit the torches before Nellie.

Swiftly, with his back turned to Effie, he fastened a guide rope around his waist, anchoring his torso to the wagon.

Effie didn't quite understand, but Anwyn obviously did, for she nodded in a knowing way, then changed her path, bearing the tray of beer and bannock she was carrying toward a group of hammermen sitting on the floor.

She had spoken also, with an intense eagerness of affection, of her little girl Effie, who was now nine years old, and, in a strain hardly less tender, of Owen Leath, the charming clever young stepson whom her husband's death had left to her care.

Effie wielded their lorgnons upon the later comers, thus giving their table quite an air.

Effie, after a period of futile glaring at her through the lorgnons, seemed to make their resolves simultaneously, and forthwith themselves lighted cigarettes.

Effie had since told Raina that the black liquid was nothing more than charcoal mixed with malt liquor, and Raina believed her .

Effie had heard it said that the river rock had peeled the flesh from their bones and the only things left for the widows to wrap were white skull with grinning black teeth.

Effie after me to improve myself so's I can be a social credit to her back in Red Gap, and learn to wear clothes and go without my breakfast and attend art galleries.

Another couple more and he'd have enough for a winter coat for Effie.