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enzyme \en"zyme\ ([e^]n"z[imac]m), n. [Pref. en- (Gr. 'en in) + Gr. zy`mh leaven.] (Physiol. Chem.) A protein produced by a living organism, capable of catalyzing a chemical reaction. Almost all processes in living organisms require some form of enzyme ...

Usage examples of enzyme.

This would mean, according to our present understanding of heredity, an inherited abnormality in one or more enzyme systems and a metabolism that is therefore disordered in some specific manner.

Bogaert had felled most of the closest trees, but the slight drift of the aerosol out of the forest still brought enough enzyme to promote the destruction of most of their garments.

The blocker would gene-tailor out the specific enzymes that made merge necessary for her body, but sometimes it took a clinic to keep you from going back to what your mind still wanted.

A unique gene, coding for a unique enzyme: Cyfer inherited as dogma what actually arose only through recent, bitter debate.

It stimulates your release of growth hormone and ornithine decarboxylase enzymes.

Specifically, it manufactures a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down the protein matrix found in the eidetic chip and several related galactic neuroenhancement applications.

Horses have all the enzymes they need to process equilin, but humans do not.

Specially engineered to react very fast with the hydrolytic enzyme esterase and thus to be completely out of the tissues within 36 hrs.

Hereditary galactose metabolism defects can be controlled through enzyme synthesis.

Dry enzyme and glyceride spray was the norm now, blowing over us from head to toe in mere seconds.

One known intermediate is iron-56 and the fact that auremoglobin is formed in the process leads us to suspect that the enzyme or enzymes involved may have heme as a prosthetic group.

Part of the striated cell wall drew apart and a packet of DNA coated in hydrated globulins and enzymes burst inward.

It is a dried dilution of the isogenic enzyme compound known as ketracel-white, mixed with an equal part of converted carnacite.

Collagen, enzymes, many hormones, keratin, and antibodies are just a few of the different types of proteins.

Had the recovered lymphoid tissue been in a normal state, the presence of Viscumin in molecular quantity would currently be determinable through the process of microscopy known as immuno-cytochemistry, using the enzyme, horseradish peroxidaise.