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Answer for the clue "Away, to a Scotsman ", 3 letters:

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pron. (context Geordie English) anything

Usage examples of oot.

Do ye think fowk wash their flags afore they hing them oot, like sarks or sheets?

Polmont throws a load ay papers oaf the desk, n tries tae yank the phone oot by the socket, like they dae in the films, only the cunt disnae budge, once, twice.

Git tae France, Terry laughs, glancin oot taewards the windae, what dae wi need that fir?

Gentleman wis right tae dae what eh did, that cunt Blackie wis oot ay order.

These cunts up the stairs, the Barclays, they jist lit that dug oot n it runs doon the stairs tae dae its stuff oan the waste.

I hae said, and whan he didna come, I took my hat--that was about a half-hoor efter the laird left me--and gaed oot to luik for him.

Aye, I was in the rrricht of it, the divine rrricht I may say, to hae thrrrown oot of the rrrealm a bulk nae matterrr hoo holy that hath been defiled by the pens of Godless rrrepublicans, aye.

Ulrich hus lit her fag burn doon, and she drops it n stamps it oot, her heeled shoe twistin it intae the path.

I was but thinkin hoo to say oot what was in me, ohn vext her waur nor couldna be helpit.

Ah dinnae want tae huv the embarrassment ay searchin the radge for pieces ay silverware everytime wi go oot.

Birrell seems tae chill oot in the gaff, even before wi git the radge aw pilled up.

What sort ay fuckin radge wants tae stand aroond ootside hooses in the cauld street waitin fir somebody they dinnae ken tae come oot?

A jiner today can never fetch such mastie straiks as these, he must send strags upaland to scaff amang the rammel, an plaister all together oot o skifting his grandfaither would hae tossed inti the chaffer.

This is ma stoap, Ronnie, ah sais, risin n makin him git up tae lit ays oot.

Ma thoats stoap n freeze inside muh heid whin the boy pills ma knife oot ay this bag.