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Answer for the clue "Mince words? ", 3 letters:

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EDI is a free software integrated development environment available under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. It is written in C and runs on any Linux , BSD , and Unix system with limited support for Mac OS X and Windows .

Usage examples of edi.

Ritz in deepest dejection, for he already saw himself sitting alone in the evening thinking and thinking and gnawing on his slate pencil, while Sally and Edi could pursue their merry entertainments.

The other was his brother Edi, a slender, tall fellow with a high forehead and serious grey eyes beneath.

With these words Edi pulled his brother along, and soon they turned round the corner and also disappeared.

It was only a little while before, that Edi and Ritz had arrived home panting for breath.

But Edi showed a dissatisfied face, for wherever something strange could be seen or found, he had to be there.

That helped, indeed, for Edi was a great searcher in history, and when he happened in that field, then all other interests were pushed into the background.

Ritz had the greatest respect for Edi, for although the latter was only a little older, yet he was already in the fourth class, and he himself was only in the second, and in history Edi knew more than the scholars in the fifth and some in the sixth class.

Ritz somewhat indistinctly, and soon after he took such deep breaths that Edi knew what was going on.

But now she saw Edi soaring along like an arrow into the midst of a crowd of boys, and they all acted so strangely and they shouted so strangely that Sally thought that something particular must be in preparation there, and no doubt concerned the new-comers.

She went slowly on and kept on turning round, but Edi did not come, and only after Sally had long since greeted the mother and was about to call her father out of his study for dinner, did the two brothers come running along, their faces red as fire, and breathless, for they had lingered to the last moment.

For how could Edi ever be brought to making friends with a fellow who went to Lower Wood to school, when he just as well might have gone to Upper Wood?

Father did not even look up from his paper and Edi had only a satirical remark for sympathy.

So Edi looked down on Leopoldy from an elevation of a fourth class boy and noticed with scorn how Sally found pleasure in the little fellow and befriended him.

While Auntie was pushing and shaking the sleepy Ritz, Edi had tried several times to get near her, but she had always escaped him.

Ritz and Edi were shoved into their room, the light put on the table, the door was closed, and away went Auntie.