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Answer for the clue "''__, the doctor!'' ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word myson

Usage examples of myson.

Earth has been taken over by a nasty, corrupt, bureaucratic military dictatorship, more banana republic writ large and high-tech than efficiently fascist, though utterly fascist economically, run in an amoral fashion by a generalissimo named Myson for the greedy profit of himself and his cronies.

Thus does Sketchley introduce Delgado as a man who has been a dedicated soldier with some idealism, but dedicated to the previous regime, wishing to redeem his position with the current one, though viewing it as degenerate and Myson a monster.

Without going into the details, Delgado ends up with a little rag-tag guerilla group in the ruins surrounding the habitats fighting Myson and the Structure.

The novel ends with an action sequence in which Delgado and his comrades attempt to snatch Lycern away from Myson and his minions.