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Answer for the clue ""Price negotiable," in ads ", 3 letters:

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init. 1 (context nautical English) ore-bulk-oil: designating a ship designed to be capable of carrying wet or dry cargoes. 2 (context commerce English) or best offer; showing that a price is negotiable

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
also o.b.o. , abbreviation of or best offer , by 1969.

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Obo is a city in the Central African Republic. Obo or OBO may also refer to:

Usage examples of obo.

And when Commander Dorish stood over him, chewing him out because a set of relays wasn't on line yet, Obo said "Eeeasy fix," reached bare fingers into the circuitry, and synched the entire panel in a matter of seconds.

Only Harper believed there was more to Obo than met the eye and that someday everyone would realize it.

And if a girl didn't like Obo "tagging along"-then she was the wrong girl for Bobby Harper.

He watched, horrified, as Obo began using Spock's hand to pat itself on the head.

Now Bobby Harper was smiling, Obo was stroking her cheek, and feelings she didn't understand were overloading her senses.

They all studied the stranger with interest, except for Obo who had gone to sleep in Harper's lap.

He went to the monitoring board where Obo sat with all its fingers and toes buried in the circuitry.

Spock reached to pull Obo free, but the charge knocked him to the deck.

As Obo slid from the chair, singed flesh and cartilage disintegrated, and fingers tore from their webs.

A sustained electrical charge inflicted massive tissue and brain damage, and Obo had absorbed too much current for too long.

Couldn't reattach the fingers, though, too much tissue damage-but Obo doesn't seem to mind.

 Of course Obo wouldn’t have been able to work his spell when the talisman sapped the energy for its own use.

 He told Enret, “You and Obo are the only two people besides myself who know of my connection to this maid of Garthmorron.

 That ritual was respectable enough for commoners, but Obo of Mirien had been one of the greatest servants of King Pranter, a fine and capable wizard, and deserved interment within the walls of the Lesser Mausoleum.

 Intellectually, Obo knew he was not the cause of Lerina’s death, but it was not easy to believe that in his heart.