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Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A quotation is the repetition of one expression as part of another one, particularly when the quoted expression is well-known or explicitly attributed by citation to its original source, and it is indicated by ( punctuated with) quotation marks . A quotation ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
mid-15c., "numbering," later (1530s) "marginal notation," noun of action from quote (v.) or else from Medieval Latin quotationem (nominative quotatio ), noun of action from past participle stem of quotare "to number." Meaning "an act of quoting" is from ...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Quotation \Quo*ta"tion\ (kw[-o]*t[=a]"sh[u^]n), n. [From Quote .] The act of quoting or citing. That which is quoted or cited; a part of a book or writing named, repeated, or adduced as evidence or illustration. --Locke. (Com.) The naming or publishing ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES quotation mark COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE above ▪ Both the above quotations refer to severe learning difficulties but of course severe is a term open to varying interpretations. ▪ The above quotation contains ...

Usage examples of quotation.

Among the Greek wines, so much admired by ancient Epicures, those of the islands of the Archipelago were the most celebrated, and of these the Chian wine, the product of Chios, bore away the palm from every other, and particularly that which was made from vines growing on the mountain called Arevisia, in testimony of which it were easy, if necessary, to produce an amphora full of classical quotations.

Fernack and Varetti and even Cokey Walsh and Allen Uttershaw who played with quotations like a tired juggler toying with a cigar.

Malipiero was sorry that I had taken my text from any heretical poet, although he was pleased that my sermon was not interlarded with Latin quotations.

DeS hazer Kirkpatrick, and Osborn quotations in letters to the author.

But wherever such italicized phrases appear in quotations, the reader should ascribe the emphasis to the writer, and not to the original authority.

The words italicized in the foregoing quotation are of special significance to-day.

One reads almost with a feeling of amazement the sentences we have italicized in the foregoing quotation.

On the insistence of Opiz, Casanova continued his correspondence, but he passed over nothing more, neither in exact quotations from Latin authors, nor solecisms, nor lame reasonings.

Perhaps Eusebius is quoting Papias correctly, but even so, what can we glean from that quotation?

Only lately, since I have been able to look things up in books, have I begun to unscramble the anthology of quotations that Matern had cooked up: he mixed liturgical texts, the phenomenology of a stocking-cap, and abstrusely secular lyrical poetry into a stew seasoned with the cheapest gin.

THE BEST WAY TO LOSE Pilar countered with another quotation and noticed his glance slide to her fingers.

This and the subsequent quotations from Gene Sheck are from Sheck oral history.

He dislikes some of my quotations of his speeches, but has promised faithfully to deliver every sheet untampered with to Hancock.

His quotations are nearly all at second hand, and so little does he criticize his facts as to confuse the Vaudoux worship of the Haitian negroes with that of Votan in Chiapa.

He forgot to add that if the examples of atrocious vivisection given in this essay were horrible--as they were--yet every instance was substantiated by reference to the original authorities, and that their accurate quotation could not be impugned.