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Answer for the clue "Grandmother, in German ", 3 letters:

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OMA was the callsign of a Czech time signal station. The station was operated by the Astronomical Institute of Prague and the transmitters were located at RKS Liblice 1 . The station transmitted in the LF band on 50 kHz with a power of 7 kW and in the HF ...

Usage examples of oma.

In addition to Arnold, the jurors were Peggy Roebuck, Joan Sprinkle, Vicki Stoll, Barbara White, Sharon French, Peggy Van Hoozer, Howard McNatt, William Billingsly, John Throgmorton, Jennifer Dacus, and Oma Dooley.

Many was the night he had done just that after leaving Maggie, before Oma had given him the room at the back of the house.

The first objective, as Oma had said, was to talk to her, listen to her, get to know her again.

He knew instinctively that Lord Omas was an honest man, but allies or not, the men in this camp were strangers, and Dain had no intention of remaining long in this tent when the situation required closer examination.

Lord Omas came ducking through the tent flap with his usual massive briskness.

Alexeika and Lord Omas plunged after him, their horses kicking up sprays of snow.

Gavril stood there, impaled on the weapon, and merely blinked at Omas, who turned white and uttered a terrible curse.

At the foot of the steps, Lord Omas set Dain tenderly on his feet and steadied him as he swayed.

Netherans joined him and Lord Omas, helping to drive the fire-knights back.

Lord Omas caught up with him, and the rest of his men were breaking through now.

Despite the noise and commotion behind him as Lord Omas held the Mandrians back, Dain bowed his head.

Now that she was here, and they were alone, with even Lord Omas standing outside at the door, Dain found himself with little to say.

Lord Omas, stationed at the door, boomed a few words to her in what he believed was a murmur.

Cal Omas or someone propose legislation that limits the terms of a Wookiee life debt.

Those who thought to use Oma and Uryan for their purposes were mistaken, for the Lady Oma, of trading stock and shrewd, was no easily befooled female of the inner courts.