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Population (2000): 1408 Housing Units (2000): 714 Land area (2000): 20.063014 sq. miles (51.962965 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 20.063014 sq. miles (51.962965 sq. km) FIPS code: 45180 Located within:...

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Mayer may refer to: Mayer (name)

Usage examples of mayer.

My style has always been to lay off a lot of the day-to-day operating responsibilities to folks like Ferold Arend and Ron Mayer in the early days, later on to Jack Shewmaker, and eventually to David Glass and Don Soderquist.

Ferold Arend and Ron Mayer and Bob Thornton and myself were still trying to get a handle on how to distribute to a growing number of stores in these small towns off the beaten path.

Consequently Karl Mayer have to receive 139 rouble, 79 copecks, beside his wage.

Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson, who later wrote their own book flacking for Hill.

Heada mooch for me, instead of taking klieg by mistake and having to worry about flashing on Mayer and carrying an indelible image of him around in my head forever.

They bestow upon the congregation a Technicolor otherworldliness that has never graced Schwartzes, Liebermans, or Mayers.

Now, seven years later, some of the names escape me, but I well remember Galland, Rudel and a German night fighter pilot called Mayer.

Now, seven years later, some of the names escape me, but I well remember Galland, Rudel and a German night-fighter pilot called Mayer.

Sure, Alf Brummel, Gordon Mayer, and Sam Turner still hovered around, brooding together like some kind of hit squad, but none of them were in the service this morning and a lot of new, fresh faces were.

Mayer colony, Erno lived in the Hotel Gijon, on Calle Viernes, in a two-by-three-meter room barely high enough for him to stand up in.

AFTER JUDGE MAYER called the crowded courtroom to order, Counselor Ponzi leaped to his feet.

Add to the mix the data pouring in about the genomes of so-called model organisms such as fruit flies and mice, and you have what Gene Mayers, Jr.

The Brothers Houdini, sons of Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss, taking a solemn vow on a Bible.

While Aaron recites the responsive prayers without glancing at his prayer book, Eliza focuses on a spot on the bima between Rabbi Mayer and her father and tries to block out the robotic monotone of the congregation reading as one.

Parlai per circa un'ora con la respon­sabile del servizio di sicurezza dell'edificio, Terry Mayer, che era la moglie separata di Steve Bolding, consulente esterno della Me­troHartford.