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Mee or MEE may refer to: Ada Mee , a German artist Mare Airport , whose IATA code is MEE Mee (crater) , a lunar crater Mee (surname) , people with the surname Mee MEE (psychedelic) , or 2-methoxy-4,5-diethoxyamphetamine, a psychedelic drug Mee (tribe) , ...

Usage examples of mee.

Ten slotte nam hij de waskom mee naar de badkamer om hem om te spoelen, waarna hij een plastic beker met water vulde.

When I perceived that no man had regard to mee, that was so tame and gentle an Asse, I stole out of the gate that was next me, and then I ran away with all force, and came to Cenchris, which is the most famous towne of all the Carthaginians, bordering upon the Seas called Ageum, and Saronicum, where is a great and mighty Haven, frequented with many a sundry Nation.

And on the iv daie hadd notise of a gret powre and strengtht cumming at me from sowth out of Owleswyke to assaille mee in Grunda.

Eef eet wass possible to come to thees plaace naakid, Mees Dakers would still find something to lose or break.

Their laughing was so immoderate that the master of the house heard them, and demanded the cause of their laughter, and when hee understood all the matter, hee looked through the hole likewise, wherewith he took such a delectation that hee commanded the doore to be opened, that hee might see mee at his pleasure.

And thus somewhat comforting my fearefull minde, and yet restrained with shamefastnesse, knowing that I was vnwoorthily come into this shadowie place, and solicious company of deuine and delicate nimphes, my guiltie and troubled minde, telling mee that it was rashly and ouer-bouldly doone, and that they were it might be, prohibited places, and a forbidden countrie for a straining to frequent.

Oppressed and laden with all these aforenamed frightes and terrors, I began to imagine that the Dragon was flying about my head, and with the noyse of hir scritching teeth and tearing clawes to take hould vpon me with hir deuouring iawes: my heart giuing mee to vnderstand, that the carniuorus Woolfe which I drempt of, was a presage of this my last doubted end.

Vpon a sodaine I founde my selfe so lasciuiously bent, and in such a prurient lust, that which way so euer I turned, I could not forbeare, and they as they sung laughed the more, knowing what had happened vnto mee.

Your Aunt and Harry Whent to the Wells Races and Spent a very Pleasant Day your Aunt has Lost Old Fanney Sow She Died about a Week a Go Harry he Wanted your Aunt to have her killed and send her to London and Shee Wold Fech her 11 pounds the Farmers have Lost a Greet Deal of Cattel such as Hogs and Cows What theay call the Plage I Whent to your Aunt as you Wish Mee to Do But She Told Mee She Did not wont aney Boddy She Told Mee She Should Like to Come up to see you But She Cant Come know for she is Boddyley ill and Harry Donte Work there know But he Go up there Once in Two or Three Day Harry Offered is self to Go up to Live With your Aunt But She Made him know Ancer.

Oppervlakkig bezien heeft ze veel lef en hersens, God hebbe haar lief, maar ze draagt vanbinnen glasscherven met zich mee.

Hij stond erop fatsoenlijke kleren voor haar te kopen en hij nam haar mee naar een hotelkamer waar ze een bad kon nemen en een maaltijd kon krijgen, die ze ondanks haar honger niet naar binnen schrokte.

And it did so increase in mee more and more, that I knew not wherewithal I might bridle and restraine my selfe from catching of one of them, like an eager and hotte Falcon comming downe out of the ayre, vpon a couie of Partriges.

And now with prouoked teares downe falling from my waterie eyes along my pale cheekes, and bowed downe to the earth prostrating my selfe to your virginall feete I humblie craue and sue for your fauourable graces: whereat theyr soft and tender heartes mooued with pittie towardes mee, and halfe weeping with mee for companie, and as it were dutifullye striuing with theyr armes to lift mee vp from the grounde, with sweete and comfortable speeches, they courteouslye spake vnto me.

Then was I so intangled with unhappy fortune that I little esteemed mine own danger, and went willingly to eat of these roses, though I knew them to be present poyson : and as I drew neere I saw a yong man that seemed to be the gardener, come upon mee, and when he perceived that I had devoured all his hearbes in the garden, he came swearing with a great staffe n his hand, and laid upon me in such sort, that I was well nigh dead, but I speedily devised some remedy my self, for I lift up my legs and kicked him with my hinder heels, that I left him lying at the hill foot wel nigh slain, and so I ran away.

Soo schel your hous stonde and bee Unto eternytee Yet walke warilie Wyttinge ful sarteynlee That if impiouslie The secounde tyme in the bodie Practisinge grammarie One of ye katched shulle be By the feyndis subtiltee And hys liffe lossit bee Broke ys thenne this serye Dampned are you thenne eternallie Yerth shuldestow thenne never more se Scarshy the Goddes mought reskue ye Owt of the Helle where you woll lie Unto eternytee The sterres tealde hit mee.