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Usage examples of lor.

Quantunque le tre donne non prendessero parte alla difesa del portone pur stavano a poca distanza da coloro il cui palpito batteva nel lor proprio cuore.

Lors de la guerre de Cent Ans, la petite ville eut beaucoup a souffrir et fit vaillamment son devoir.

Clelia ed Irene alla lor volta erano pur felici nel riabbracciare i loro cari, e la gioia era dipinta su tutti quei giovani volti.

Beneath the lap-robe I had spread fo Lor, dryflowers crepitated softly.

Par lors l'armee se saisira d'Antibe, Dans l'arc Monech feront les doleances, Et à Freius l'vn l'autre prendra ribe.

Verbine rogne, glaiue, en face tison, Lors le monarque d'Hadrie succombé.

Elles s'abandonnent à tous les estrangers nouvellement arrivés dans le païs, lors qu'ils aiment la desbauche.

That one of the merchants' guides — lored almost from birth in the matter of hidden trails—would betray them seemed utterly impossible.

Caronne of the northern kingdom of Marack, was literally grinding her teeth in rage at the young Lors Sernas, whom she dearly hated.

The aforementioned Lors Sernas of Hish and four of the greatest lords of the remaining northern kingdoms.

And then, of course, there was the thick-lipped and lecherous Lors Sernas.

The dark Lors Sernas—he'd had a jeweled flagon of wine to his lips—gripped it hard and stared over its rim in awe.

But our lewd and lecherous Lors Sernas, putting his heavy shield to one side and snatching Murie's from her arm, himself leapt out to straddle Dosh's body.

He nodded at Boon and Lors Avakim, professional courtesy, or perhaps acknowledging those in the same employ.

Through the course of the night she had walked the length of the city, across the great stone court known as the Square of Sorrows, where Garath Lors had declared himself king before being cut down by his brother's darkcloaks.