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Answer for the clue "Food & Wine and Field & Stream ", 4 letters:

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n. (plural of mag English)

Usage examples of mags.

Mumbling something about an old friend from Blackpool and just dropping in for a cup of tea, he follows Mags up the stairs.

If not for their body armor, the Mags would have been pincushioned a dozen times over.

He commanded two of his Mags to strip Mitchell of his armor and Kevlar undersheathing.

The Mags arranged them into two columns, separating the old, the infirm and the seriously wounded from those who were young and suffered only superficial injuries.

They cringed from a pair of Mags who urged them along with curses and strokes from the barrels of their Copperheads.

Even though the Mags had a long start, their prisoners would slow them, and Kane saw no reason to take chances with hurrying.

A wide, dark doorway gaped in the side of the building, but he doubted any of the Mags were inside.

He glimpsed four Mags bulling through the door, gripping their Sin Eaters and Copperheads.

Before he could say anything, he saw more Mags racing across the courtyard.

Two Mags rushed him from opposite directions, trying to get Jozure between so as to catch him in a cross fire.

Brigid tersely told him that the surviving Mags had surrendered to the Tigers of Heaven.

He had always known the furious firelight that ensued had claimed the lives of at least three Mags, possibly more.

Could be his ex-wife Mags took it when she buggered off, although Christ knows why.

He supposes this attraction was an element of his brief marriage to Mags, back up there in Blackpool.

Like her three co-stars Mags is something of a television name by now.