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Answer for the clue "Lascivious sort ", 5 letters:

Word definitions for leere in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Leere \Leere\ (l[=e]r), n. [Etymol. uncertain.] Tape or braid; an ornament. --Halliwell. Leere side , the left side, as that on which a leere or ornament was worn. --B. Jonson.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context obsolete English) tape or braid; an ornament

Usage examples of leere.

And now the claret-coloured background was turning into a red field -- a field of red flowers, from which leered Portunus, and among which wept Ranulph.

The snake man leered down at Balthor, its sloped forehead spattered with its own green blood.

Sometimes he would take walks through shadowy tangles of unpaved musty-smelling lanes where eldritch brown houses of unknown age leaned and tottered and leered mockingly through narrow, small-paned windows.

It was probably sheer irrational instinct which made us dim our single torch--tempted no longer by the decadent and sinister sculptures that leered menacingly from the oppressive walls--and which softened our progress to a cautious tiptoeing and crawling over the increasingly littered floor and heaps of debris.

On this eery pinnacle a squared circle was formed, and in a few moments the sardonic desert moon leered down upon a battle which, but for the quality of the ringside cries, might well have occurred at some minor athletic club in America.

It was the faces, Eliot, those accursed faces, that leered and slavered out of the canvas with the very breath of life!

That object was my uncle--the venerable Elihu Whipple--who with blackening and decaying features leered and gibbered at me, and reached out drip ping claws to rend me in the fury which this horror had brought.

His eyes as she curtsied were on her bosom, his hands held hers possessively as they crossed, and through the entire dance she was aware of being leered at.

He leered at her, put an arm about her waist, pulled her to him, and kissed her oafishly.

A tall man with an inflamed countenance and fierce, black eyes, that were somewhat vitreous, now leered down upon him.

So, although the weird white woman who leered after him so strangely as he walked with his most lordly air out of the little garden, and down the darkening road towards Gylingden, could not say, he resolved to make trial again.

A dozen blocks away, a twenty-story cartoon cowboy leered and beckoned, pointing down at the neon slab of the New Gold Nugget at his feet.

Pitts leered at me as I went into the kitchen and randomly grabbed a cup.

But he continued pointing in silence at the old man, who was leering and smirking and ogling, in evident delight at being the centre of attention.

On the table lay a small white figure--an infant boy, unclothed and unconscious--while on the other side stood the monstrous, leering old woman with a gleaming, grotesque-hafted knife in her right hand, and a queerly proportioned pale metal bowl covered with curiously chased designs and having delicate lateral handles in her left.