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Answer for the clue "Cool, legally ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word licit

Usage examples of licit.

In his phenomenological examination of the theme of love, in exploring the border zone between eroticism and licit sexuality, between irony and nostalgia, Kundera succeeds brilliantly in revealing the inadmissible: all the essentially comical elements concealed in human sexuality!

For this reason, the author recites, "quarta orbis pars, quam quis Americus invenit, Amerigen quasi Americi terram, sivi Americam nuncupare licit.

Hey, I bet they have a cesium clock hanging over their sleeping nest so they can start working on number six the nanosecond it's licit.

But then, even if he had studied little moral theology, he became aware that it was not even licit for him to love a sisterat least not with the tremors and the intensity of passion that the sight of Beatrice inspired in him.

The grounds of the hotel covered more than forty hectares, and included virtually every recreational facility, licit and illicit, known to man.