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Answer for the clue "Austrian city where Mozart's Symphony No. 36 premiered ", 4 letters:

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Places Linz (on the Danube) is the third-largest city in Austria. Linz am Rhein is a small German town on the Rhine. People Alex D. Linz (born 1989), American actor Juan Linz (1926-2013), Spanish-German professor of sociology and political science Peter ...

Usage examples of linz.

The so-called Anschluss law was also promulgated the same day at Linz by the German government and signed by Hitler, Goering, Ribbentrop, Frick and Hess.

These were replaced by, in rapidly accelerating order, wedges of fudge cake, linzer torte, falafel, three steaming bowls of chop suey, blacktop sundaes, and a dismembered, smoked turkey.

Such cosmopolitan cities as Karlovac, Meerut, Antofagasta, Delft, Bratislava, Zwolk, Nizhny, Bulawayo and Linz.

Morning shines, and the royal crawl is resumed, and continued through Linz, where the Danube is reapproached, and the girl looks pleased to see her own dear Donau still.

I stopped at Linz on purpose to write to Schrotembach even a more bitter letter than that which I had written to the Duke of Wurtemburg in 1760.

From Linz I had a three days' journey to Munich, where I called on Count Gaetan Zavoicki, who died at Dresden seven years ago.

When everybody who was going to had signed up with M & M Enterprises, Fine Fruits and Produce, Milo created a wholly owned subsidiary, M & M Fancy Pastry, and obtained more airplanes and more money from the mess funds for scones and crumpets from the British Isles, prune and cheese Danish from Copenhagen, ‚clairs, cream puffs, Napoleons and petits fours from Paris, Reims and Grenoble, Kugelhopf, pumpernickel and Pfefferkuchen from Berlin, Linzer and Dobos Torten from Vienna, Strudel from Hungary and baklava from Ankara.

The red-haired electrician's shop was not far from the Trinity column in Linz.