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n. (plural of kyle English)

Usage examples of kyles.

Its Kyles job to get to the bottom of what could be a potential disaster for the Donovans as well as Lianne.

Sunlight glinted in Kyles tarnished blond hair and made his hazel eyes look more gold than green, but even sunlight couldnt brighten the dark rim around the iris.

Silently Archer prowled the cabins homey main room, touching things at random: a computer that bristled with Kyles Rube Goldberg additions, books on everything from international banking to five thousand years of Chinese jade, a Baroque flute, a small vase with a branch of rosemary in it, a letter opener that could slice to the bone, and a fishing lure that looked like a tiny hula skirt.

He picked up Liannes glass, accepted Kyles, and took their refusal of more wine with an understanding smile.

Tangs would have made Lianne laugh, but the look in Kyles unwavering eyes took the humor right out of the situation.

Though Seng shook hands with appropriate vigor, he didnt bother to hide his lack of interest in Kyles existence.

If you want, Ill take a hike and of Liannes hands wrapped around Kyles wrist.

Lianne said quietly, letting go of Kyles wrist as Han Seng and his two shadows stalked off.

The curtain thumped down behind Kyles back, tangling the most eager members of the crowd in a combination of soft velvet folds and guards whose hands were a good deal harder.

She told herself it was the cool wind or leftover nerves, but she knew it was the slow, slow journey of Kyles fingertips down her spine.

One of the pairs of shoes was black and much better worn than the dress shoes that were presently making Kyles feet miserable.

She touched Kyles wrist, taking a very female pleasure in his heat and leashed strength.

She tried not to snicker, but the light in Kyles eyes made it difficult.

Nobody greeted her, though one of the young men certainly looked her over with a thoroughness that raised Kyles hackles.

Harrys immaculately manicured hand dismissed Dick Farmer, the Jade Emperor, and Kyles question.