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n. (plural of joint English)

Usage examples of joints.

In response, evolution rewarded us with joints that can move in an infinite number of ways.

Made up of ligaments and cartilage, joints are well lubed to keep your bones moving smoothly.

It should revolve around degeneration, and how you can keep your joints young and strong.

The really interesting part of this is that, unlike your bones and joints, your back muscles seem to be under the most strain from the ages of thirty-five to fifty-five.

To live longer and best protect your joints from the onslaught of impact, the best stamina workouts you can do are swimming, rowing, cycling, and exercising on an elliptical machine.

Proper amounts of calcium help keep your joints free of inflammation and arthritis, as well as help your muscles contract.

So as your tendons, cartilage, and nerves rub against the newly formed, yet imperfect, bone, the joints can become inflamed.

Omega 3s are believed to help provide the lubrication that the joints need to function at an effective level.

By keeping the joints lubed, you experience less friction, less grinding, and less pain as you age.

By taking extracted glucosamine, you might be able to keep the cartilage pliable enough to help maintain adequate lubrication between your joints and to act as a shock absorber between bones.

Omega-8 fatty acids help lubricate joints, and the spinach contains bone-boosting calcium.

B: Fish oil and nuts are a great way to reduce pain and to keep your joints functioning for the long term.

B: You strengthen your bones by doing exercises that stress the muscles and joints that surround them or connect them.

The presence of this additional fluid makes joints stiffer and more painful, which makes them weaker.

Hip joints are the ones that provide the hinge for any kind of forward motion.