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n. (plural of jetty English)

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Jetty \Jet"ty\, n.; pl. Jetties . [F. jet['e]e a pier, a jetty, a causeway. See Jet a shooting forth, and cf. Jutty .] (Arch.) A part of a building that jets or projects beyond the rest, and overhangs the wall below. A wharf or pier extending from ...

Usage examples of jetties.

The port with its jetties and warehouses and fishmarkets and shipyards grew until it stretched the entire length of the city.

And the River itself, some places smooth as a rain pond, other places full of rocks as a worker pit, everywhere dotted with blight-buoys and striped with jetties, as wide as half the world.

Lanterns gleaming along the River walk, on the quays and jetties, where the oily water throws back slippery reflections, fish belly lights, momentary glimmers.

Mist, tonight, blowing in from the shipping surface, softly suffused globes of it gathered around each of the lanterns, holding the light in glowing spheres that hang along the jetties like a string of ghostly balloons.

In between the harbours were rows of wooden jetties sticking out into the river, which the smaller traders and fishing boats used.

Long jetties struck out into the choppy ochre water of the Juliffe, two or three to each village.

Children sat on the end of the jetties dangling rods and lines into the water, waving at the eternal procession of boats speeding by.

Three jetties stuck out of the gently sloped bank into the Zamjanā€™s insipid water.

Wooden jetties ventured ten or fifteen metres into the water, with a few fishing skiffs tied up.

To both the north and south of the harbor there ran long stone jetties, or moles, or staithes as the English and Norse called them, the northern one a good hundred yards long, the southern one half that length.

Still, the stone jetties are only six feet above the water, and they run many stadia long.

Can you not bring it close up to the jetties and burn all the defenders off as you did the Arab galleys?

As if in answer, the fort floating almost a mile away beyond the stone jetties sent a rock at extreme range splashing into the dock.

While only a score of men at a time marched along the jetties, open as they were to the unpredictable shooting of the catapults on the offshore fort, many more stood to arms or slept by them at the vulnerable points where jetties met shore.

Before the two shimmering curtains of water could reform and break as one over the man and twin jetties behind him, both fronts veered aside, becoming two separate waves.