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Judah is a Jewish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Henry M. Judah , American soldier Theodore Judah , American engineer who dreamed of the first transcontinental railroad Gerry Judah , Artist and Designer Ben Judah , Journalist and author ...

Usage examples of judah.

I spoke to Paolo about my conversation with Judah, but he thought I was imagining things.

In my weakened state, I was reproached by Judah and his wife for making Paolo use condoms, which I had recently insisted upon, so he stopped using them and I became pregnant immediately.

When I was about three months pregnant, Judah and his family moved to another home.

Paolo tried to convince me that Judah was a special case, but now that my eyes were opened to the reality of the Mo letters, I saw sexual innuendos everywhere.

Amen Judah, the only other person to carry a shot rifle besides Charles, was at lunch with his family when the alarm sounded.

Amen Judah, followed by his wife and children, all laden with goods, emerged from the house.

Around him lay the shapeless heaps that had once been the members of the Judah family.

Nor was she singular, for many of the young women who were supposed to be studying a brief abstract of the history of the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, in parallel columns, as arranged by the Misses Ponsonby, were indulging in the naughtiest thoughts and using naughty words as they sat in their bedrooms before the time for departure to church.

Zemet opened his eyes and stared blearily into the face of Admiral Judah Yanakov.

Amen Judah volunteered, nodding at his wife Abigail, who involuntarily held out a restraining hand but then took it back immediately.

When Zechariah and Judah had driven up in the landcars a short while ago, they had gone wild, loudly praising the Lord like charismatics, dancing like savages, wild with happiness, wild with anticipation of news from the outside world, wild with joy that the party had made the trip and survived, and wild with the hope that some remnants of civilization and their old lives--the landcars--had survived.

Only Amen Judah, although shocked profoundly by what had happened, managed to keep his wits.

The Judahs froze in fear as the machine cruised slowly by, its optics gleaming in the afternoon sunlight.

These were people he had known all his life--the Floods, Judahs, Sewalls, Dunmores, Maynards, Rowleys, and Stoughtons--all that was left of the City of God, forty pitiful survivors.

At last the son of Judah was forced to give in, and promised to speak to the ballet-master the same day, in order that she might dance the 'pas' with the actor she named.