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Answer for the clue "Fakes out a tackler ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of juke English)

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Jukes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Andrew Jukes (theologian) (1815–1901) Andrew Jukes (missionary) (1847–1931), Anglican missionary Bill Jukes , English rugby league footballer Francis Jukes (1745–1812), engraver and publisher...

Usage examples of jukes.

He stretched out a powerful arm, and yanked the reluctant Jukes over the threshold.

But if Jukes is behaving dishonestly, I shall have to find somewhere else for the children.

But the intrusion of Jukes upon the situation at that moment was rather awkward for X.

This theory was strengthened by the discovery that information was laid against Jukes by an anonymous letter similar to those circulated here.

Warren Jukes let out a laugh, making a sound similar to the yelp of a startled terrier.

But Jukes had not reckoned on the alertness of that strange man in black.

Try as he might, Jukes could not carry the few inches that were necessary to aim it toward The Shadow.

The wounds which Jukes had received had spelled his doom, although he had at first been almost oblivious to them.

But the discovery of the body of Professor Jukes, deserted in his limousine just beyond the city limits, created the greatest surprise.

Montemar Jukes, who Fletcher had brought aboard as a servant and promptly rated Rigger First Class.

To judge from Jukes and Xi, Fletcher was willing to tolerate a certain amount of slackness among his personal following.

This time Jukes managed a halfway creditable salute, and marched away.

Martinez called Jukes into his office to give him the news, and the man turned up in Fleet-issued undress, and managed to brace rather professionally in salute.

Martinez decided he must have got to Jukes before Jukes got to the sherry.

Martinez looked at the pendant for a long moment as excitement hummed in his nerves, and then became aware of the silence in his office, of Jukes and Marsden staring at him.