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Dacre may refer to: Dacre, Cumbria , England Dacre, North Yorkshire , England Dacre, New Zealand People with the name Dacre : Baron Dacre , an English hereditary title Charlotte Dacre (1782–1841), English author Hugh Trevor-Roper (1914–2003), historian...

Usage examples of dacre.

Duke of Dacre used all of these weapons and so many more to conquer the young beauty who had become his unwilling bride.

Parnell and spread them among three imaginary characters: Christina MacCarthy, Dacre, and Murdoch Lynch.

Pitt, Prime Minister of Great Britain, sat in the government office at Westminster awaiting the arrival of the Duke of Dacre, The King had just presented his Prime Minister with a problem of some significance, and Pitt was about to pass it along to his Home Secretary.

While up at Trinity College, Cambridge, Dacre had taken a First in mathematics, but his abiding interest was geography.

He still wrote scholarly articles for geographical journals, and Pitt had a deep suspicion that if Dacre were not held by the twin fetters of duty and heritage, he would be happily traveling in the Antipodes somewhere, making maps.

It was in this vast deserted city set on the tractless, stony waste of Slea Head that Dacre found the British army.

Cope came to meet him, and registered deep surprise when he realized who Dacre was.

Her eyes were focused on the signature, Charles Standish, Duke of Dacre, but she did not see it.

They rode in careful formation, armed horsemen before and behind her, Dacre at her side.

Her voice was sober and clear, perfectly audible to Dacre who, contrary to appearances, was not asleep.

She was dressed warmly enough in breeches, sweater, and cloak, but it was going to rain and Dacre rode ahead to Captain Harris.

As they rode into the courtyard, Dacre glanced at her with admiration.

And always, she was conscious of the Duke of Dacre, ever at her side, organizing and directing everything that pertained to her.

Christina had been aware of his gaze, which is why she had asked Dacre to see he was kept away from her.

Christina who rode beside Dacre as they approached Dublin late that night.