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Answer for the clue "Dullard's comeback? ", 3 letters:

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n. the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code [syn: dash ]

Usage examples of dah.

LRD, as in Laird, or dit dah dit, dah dit dah, dit dah dit, for RKR, as in Rucker, was a mystery whose solution was known only to the FAA.

The FAA assigned omni codes and persisted in using dah dah dah, dah dah dit dit, dit dah dit for OZark, which had never had an omnidirectional navigation aid, even before Fort Rucker.

Alle Werthbeurtheilung der Geschichte kann daher nur relativ und aus zeitlichen Momenten fliessen, und wer sich nicht selbst tauschen und den Dingen nicht Gewalt anthun will, muss ein fur allemal in dieser Wissenschaft auf absolute Werthe verzichten.

There were the national legends if you wanted extreme examples - Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy - but every cop who'd worked murder or rape cases knew there was no publication more destabilising to an already fragile mind.

You could imagine at great expense telegraphy sets in every home, with people ditting and dahing messages out in Morse code.

Lines like, "My dreams would grow hair on a heron I have douched a dead duck with maraschino I have danced with Dahmer in my denims from the Gap I hide an apricot beneath my Calvin Kleins" Lines like those -- I don't begin to know what they mean yet they make me feel a sense of awe and transcendence.

An' deah Lord, good Lord, it ain't like yo' mercy, it ain't like yo' pity, it ain't like yo' long-sufferin' lovin' kindness for to take dis kind o' 'vantage o' sick little chil'en as dose is when dey's so many ornery grown folks chuck full o' cussedness dat wants roastin' down dah.

But nemmine, I's gwine to happen aroun' dah one o' dese days en let on dat I reckon he wants to print a chillen's fingers ag'in.

In a short stream of dits and dahs, the steamer broadcasts her location--and that of the milchcow, and in so doing taps out her own death warrant.