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Answer for the clue "Trap below caught wings of young bird ", 6 letters:

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A cygnet is a young swan. Cygnet or Cygnets may also refer to:

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n. a young swan

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Population (2000): 564 Housing Units (2000): 222 Land area (2000): 0.337310 sq. miles (0.873630 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.001409 sq. miles (0.003649 sq. km) Total area (2000): 0.338719 sq. miles (0.877279 sq. km) FIPS code: 19820 Located within: Ohio ...

Usage examples of cygnet.

So the Cygnet, when they were all fighting, tricked her into looking at her reflection in the full moon.

The Cygnet, its broad wings spanning the sky at an angle, gazed with a frosty eye over its realm.

Bear chased Cygnet all over the sky, roaring fire at it, protecting Dancer.

But the Cygnet stayed just ahead, until Fire Bear held no more fire, only that one last red star in its belly.

She dealt death with her eyes until the Cygnet tricked her into gazing at her reflection in the full moon and she blinded herself.

We all stopped to watch it: long lines of riders in black, with other riders in fine, airy colors between them, and the Cygnet on a pennant as long as a furrow, flying like a black flame over them all.

Delta onto the frozen peak of the world, to free the Dancer and ask her a question that might end his search, and then, with Tiel safe, to close his eyes and hope that the heart of the Cygnet and the heart of Ro Holding had no more to do with one another than a random pattern of stars had to do with a smallfolk rhyme.

The Cygnet, black and silver within a ring of silver, flew around her and settled at her back.

After a moment, the Cygnet moved across her mind, the black swan flying against a circle of white.

Chrysom had built on the curving shore of Wolfe Sea was a great, shining wheel of seven towers circling the high black tower above which the Cygnet flew on a pennant furling and unfurling, by day and night.

He wore the Cygnet at both wrists and over his heart, though on him they were apt to fly haphazardly, rucked up over his forearms, or half-hidden under a sheepskin vest.

The vast banner of Ro Holding hung behind the dais, hiding the door, so fragile and old that black swan melted into blue-black night, and only the tarnished threads depicting the stars of the Cygnet in flight seemed to hold the darkness together.

Meguet chose a sword from the wall of ceremonial swords forged for each Holder, and then held the Cygnet away from the wall until, bending, Hew had carried the fire safely through the small door.

Through the white fire that flooded the crystal, the black Cygnet flew, imprinting itself in her eye, in her mind.

There was only a shadow slanting across the ceiling, which the busy torchlight searched and shaped into the Cygnet in flight.