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Answer for the clue "Are two males protecting women's quarters? ", 6 letters:

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n. living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household [syn: harem , seraglio , serail ]

Usage examples of hareem.

It is only in the hareem that he can discuss his problems, for the women of the hareem are closed from the outside.

They do not talk outside the hareem and thus the fears and problems of the lord stay safe.

Thus the women of the hareem must be trained in far more than simply sexual arts.

She is educated, but after living in the hareem it is hard to adjust to the outside.

He had discussed finding me a husband but anything would be a step down from being his hareem manager.

However, you are the master of the hareem and my job is to manage the hareem and provide you with sex in addition.

When the hareem manager then, that was Shahla, realized what was going on she was very angry.

The filmy hareem costume was plastered to her, mostly with blood, and there were smudges of it across her face where she'd bound back the russet-colored hair with a strip of cloth.

Esmond said, waving to a bevy of hareem beauties leaning out of a window and throwing dried flower petals.

As we were now beneath the hareem, I imagined one corridor or the other must lead to the treasure house.

I crossed to the fig tree, and as I stooped to crouch beneath it, I caught the faint whiff of the scent I had last smelled in the tunnels beneath the hareem in Cairo: the unmistakable tang of hashish.

And the hareem Helga had been held captive in was that of an old, tired chieftain.

The hareem of a relatively young and dynamic ruler like Casull would, likely enough, resemble a nest of serpents.

Weston reminded her, very much, of the first manager of Otryad's hareem she had served under, Salah.

I will explain about the hareem in a bit, but I must add that recently, due to some other things I will not talk about without his specific permission, he had to find somewhere for a fairly large number of.