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Answer for the clue "Drink in two parts of golf course while speaking ", 9 letters:
green tea

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ I ask if I might have some green tea and feel even better as I sip the bitter, warm liquid. ▪ It may be black or green tea flavoured with jasmine flowers, is very fragrant and is always drunk without milk. ▪ Order a hot sake ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Green tea is tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis Green Tea may also refer to: Green Tea (film) , a 2003 Chinese film Green Tea (radio show) , a program on RTÉ Radio 1 Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories , a 1945 collection of short stories

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 Leaves of the tea plant which are treated with steam or roasted to denature the enzymes that cause the leaves to darken and change taste. (Without this step they would become oolong tea or black tea). 2 A beverage brewed from green tea leaves.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. tea leaves that have been steamed and dried without fermenting

Usage examples of green tea.

An infusion of them is like green tea, and can change the flavour of black tea.

Pendergast, would you mind pouring me a cup of that green tea of yours?

Breakfast was mainly green tea and was spent looking down, remembering the sound of her husband's voice in the bleak acceptance of the fact that she'd never hear it again.

She brought a tray with green tea, introduced herself, poured the tea delicately, then took her seat near Dunross.

And have her send up a quart or two of strong green tea, while she's at it.

When she placed the tray before Sano and poured out the green tea, her hands shook, spilling it all over the tray.

He watched Nicholas drink his bitter green tea as he crunched on a sweet.

Now, without a sound, she knelt beside him, accepting the offering of the green tea.

Her small hand clasped the paper cup so tightly, the green tea slopped over the side.

Tell Michael, when you see him, to think of me when he next has his green tea.

Her greatest joy-once she had gotten used to the spirit of another human being sharing her sanctuary-was to make Nichiren bitter green tea.