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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
also land-line , by 1861, originally a telegraph wire run over land (as opposed to under sea); from land (n.) + line (n.). In modern use (by 1965), a telephone line which uses wire or some other material (distinguished from a radio or cellular line).

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Landline is an Australian national rural issues television program broadcast on ABC . Presented by Pip Courtney , the program discusses rural issues regarding farming, mining and fisheries from around Australia. Each week the show wraps up with an update ...

Usage examples of landline.

But that same month, the earphones of most of the intercept operators went silent as the North Koreans switched much of their radio communications to the security of landlines.

Probably means all long distance landlines are out and our comsats are destroyed.

In case we decided to go ahead with the landline, we practiced running the D10 out and how we were actually going to speak.

Since Iraq's microwave transmitters are already bombed to buggery and its radio signals are being intercepted by Allied intelligence, the landlines are Saddam's last link.

For the first twenty minutes after lift-off Lacey and Pritchard, helmeted and linked not just to the pilot but to ground control through which they could be patched by landline to wherever they wanted, were in constant radio conversation with Chief Constables throughout the Midland constabularies.

I'd found the circuitry powering Corpus Christi's landline telephones.

With his eyephones on and Slitscan's dedicated landline feeding him the bleak reaches of DatAmerica, he felt increasingly at home.

With his eyephones on and Slitscan’s dedicated landline feeding him the bleak reaches of DatAmerica, he felt increasingly at home.

Hopefully if the landlines were destroyed there would not be any launches anyway.

But then she realized the pilot wasn’t calling her on the normal hardwired landlines used for communications throughout the city.

You’re lucky I came back in to make another public announcement over the landlines, or no one would have been here to hear you calling.

And in the twenty-first century, carnies—like rock-concert roadies, touring stage productions, and movie crews on location—depended on cell phones, especially in isolated places where landlines were in short supply.

If anyone in this room had managed to get out the location of this place and precise details of the defense set-up including the actual position of the landlines, they would also have reported on how many of us were staying here.

And the method of computer access - through landlines - suggested how easy it would be to recover the information he'd stored, from any terminal in any Soviet embassy or consulate or mission, in any emergency.

The task was to confirm the position of the Main Supply Route and to locate the landline.