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n. (plural of layperson English)

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Laypeople may refer to: Laity , members of a church who are not clergy Layperson , someone who is not an expert in a particular field of study Lay brother Lay sister Lay preacher Lay apostolate Lay reader Lay speaker Lay leader Lay scholar Lay judge ( Lay...

Usage examples of laypeople.

We have seen that this doctor can control nothing: the horses appear, the groom appears, the wound appears: so unlike the authority and control that most of us laypeople associate with physicians.

Even laypeople who resist have customarily been executed or imprisoned, and those who more quietly adhere to their faith are commonly denied educational and professional opportunities.

The king and the Dominion Lords were also permitted access to the library, the only laypeople to be so honored.

There had been a number of news reports about the rising tide of violence against children in African-American neighborhoods, and I wanted to discuss with the ministers and laypeople what we could do about it.

But there were also other Bards and laypeople who were not related to Gahal at all, but bore some other profound relationship of work or inclination.

To laypeople, menopause is an inevitable fact of life, albeit often a painful one anticipated with foreboding.

In fact, I am recognized by experts and laypeople alike as the best talk show host in the universe.

Castelletti and Scala, who had closed the investigations in Bellagio with the interrogation of Monsignor Jean-Bernard Dalbouse, French-born parish priest of the Church of Santa Chiara, and his staff, clerical and laypeople alike.