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Word definitions for explicable in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. Able to be explained.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. capable of being explicated or accounted for; "explicable behavior" [ant: inexplicable ]

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Explicable \Ex"pli*ca*ble\, a. [L. explicabilis: cf. F. explicable.] Capable of being explicated; that may be explained or accounted for; admitting explanation. Syn: explainable. [1913 Webster] It is not explicable upon any grounds. --Burke.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Although there are certain features not readily explicable by subsidence, we can not revert wholly to the Glacial Control theory. ▪ Failures in this process, however, are explicable in realist terms as the protection of ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1550s, from or modeled on Latin explicabilis "capable of being unraveled, that may be explained," from explicare "unfold; explain" (see explicit ). Middle English had a verb expliken "explain, interpret" (mid-15c.).

Usage examples of explicable.

Push the same inference a step further, and you will find a numerous society of deities as explicable as one universal deity, who possesses within himself the powers and perfections of the whole society.

That is, they multiply the number of reported sightings by the fraction of sightings made by credible observers, times the number of those sightings that resist conventional explanation, and so on until they arrive at a total number of sightings that seem explicable only by extraterrestrial visitation.

Secondly, the singular psychological experiences referred to are explicable so far as we can expect with our present limited data and powers to solve the dense mysteries of the soul by various considerations not involving the doctrine in question.

The sense of pre existence the confused idea that these occurrences have thus happened to us before which is so often and strongly felt, is explicable partly by the supposition of some sudden and obscure mixture of associations, some discordant stroke on the keys of recollection, jumbling together echoes of bygone scenes, snatches of unremembered dreams, and other hints and colors in a weird and uncommanded manner.

Their data are so explicable in many cases, and so inconclusive in all, that they quite naturally provoke deeper disbelief and produce telling retorts.

It had all been very pleasant, but perhaps a little too explicable, a little too routine.

Once Keridil had looked, trying to glimpse the tip of her mainmast, but vertigo and another, less explicable feeling had swamped him and he turned away hurriedly, left only with the disturbing impression of a vast, phantasmic wing of sail and a single cold star glaring in the black sky above.

While Rehoboam is not difficult to understand, the case of Montezuma serves to remind us that folly is not always explicable.

Atlantis, we are not surprised to find in the legends of Greek mythology events described which are only explicable by supposing that the Atlanteans possessed the secret of this powerful explosive.

Moonlight edged the wavelets with silver, and among those gleams it seemed he could see reflected the broken curve of his life: a kid living for Christmas, drawing pictures, receiving praise, growing up mindless to high school, sex, and drugs, growing beyond that, beginning to draw pictures again, and then, right where you might expect the curve to assume a more meaningful shape, it was sheared off, left hanging, its process demystified and explicable.

Lyall Watson in Supernature, Super-nature II, Lifetide and his other books, are all explicable when one understands the multilevel, multifaceted and totally integrated aspects of the Formative Mind.

The interesting fact, not easily explicable, is that pamphleteering has revived upon an enormous scale since about 1935, and has done so without producing anything of real value.

The many cases on record of a formation conformably covered, after an enormous interval of time, by another and later formation, without the underlying bed having suffered in the interval any wear and tear, seem explicable only on the view of the bottom of the sea not rarely lying for ages in an unaltered condition.

Just one lousy rat could give the whole Club a legit raison, an explicable reason for congregating underground all of them are a bit uneasy about liking to congregate underground for no good or clear reason.

No argument for the divine authority of Christianity has been urged with greater force, or traced with higher eloquence, than that deduced from its primary development, explicable on no other hypothesis than a heavenly origin, and from its rapid extension through great part of the Roman empire.