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Answer for the clue "Bright red and blue round the edges ", 7 letters:

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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES flush red/crimson/scarlet ▪ Robyn felt her cheeks flush scarlet. EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ A 30s Venus with a tiny, Cupid's bow mouth, lipsticked crimson . ▪ And you must notice in this new first smoker the seats and ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Crimson is Nanase Aikawa 's third album.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
1 Having a deep red color. 2 Having loose morals. n. A deep, slightly bluish red. v 1 to blush 2 To dye with crimson or deep red; to redden.

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Crimson \Crim"son\, v. t. To become crimson; to blush. Ancient towers . . . beginning to crimson with the radiant luster of a cloudless July morning. --De Quincey.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1600, from crimson (n.). Related: Crimsoned ; crimsoning .

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. having any of numerous bright or strong colors reminiscent of the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies [syn: red , reddish , ruddy , blood-red , carmine , cerise , cherry , cherry-red , ruby , ruby-red , scarlet ] characterized by violence ...

Usage examples of crimson.

The crimson orange Tequila Sunrise sky was laced with smokestacks of Aeonian fluted columns, burning pyres for the wretched landscapes.

With the aethereal footsteps trembled not: The light and crimson mists, Floating to strains of thrilling melody Through that unearthly dwelling, Yielded to every movement of the will.

Then shadows moved up from the bruise-black depths, shading more and more of the writhing billows of cumulus and nimbus, finally climbing into the high cirrus and pond-rippled altocumulus, but at first the shadows brought not grayness or darkness, but an infinite palette of subtleties: gleaming gold dimming to bronze, pure white becoming cream and then dimming to sepia and shade, crimson with the boldness of spilled blood slowly darkening to the rust-red of dried blood, then fading to an autumnal tawny russet.

Campanians arrogated to themselves: it was woven of the whitest Apulian wool, and variegated with broad stripes of crimson.

It was lucky that it was dark, for Honoria and Argemone both blushed crimson.

It was a dark, luxuriously masculine retreat, the walls covered in stamped leather, the floors thickly carpeted in an Aubusson pattern of crimson and gold.

He was all axman now, sure and powerful in his heavy crimson cloak, the weight of his broadax straining the leather harness at his breast.

Major Grover stepped in front of him and leveled a forefinger straight at the crimson Babbitt nose.

The barkeep was talking to a tall man wearing robes of crimson highlighted with thin white stripes and an ivory white cloak with red trim.

Anyone sharp-eyed enough to have caught sight of the occupants of the Mercedes that evening as it sped through the centre of Fettlesham in the direction of Fettlesham Royal Infirmary would have thought they were hallucinating: an ageing German admiral with a handlebar moustache was at the wheel of the car, a heavily bemedalled SS officer was in the passenger seat, and an overweight nun with crimson lips and sky-blue eye-shadow was sitting in the back gesticulating.

There he was greeted by the parliamentary member, the representatives of the local council, various trembling beadles and burghers, and a squad of shrunken, bemedalled regimental pensioners in their frayed crimson tunics, ready for one final war.

She sat down, the crimson silk of her dress spilling bloodlike over the white fur.

Then the distorted Effigy shot up into the blueshifted sky and arced down over the edge of the cliff, hurling itself after the misty water into the flickering crimson of the plain below.

Three indigenous fig trees dwarfed the buildings, crimson frangipani burst like fireworks against the green kikuyu grass, beds of bright barber ton daisies ringed the gentle terraces that fell away to the stream, and a bougainvillaea creeper smothered the main building in a profusion of dark green and purple.

Brota loomed above them all in her wind-rippled crimson, Tomiyano was a silent audience on the fringes in a brown breechclout, and Wallie himself, huge in blue.