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Museum is a song by Donovan , that was covered by Herman's Hermits . Their version peaked at #39 in the US in September 1967 but failed to chart in the UK. Donovan first recorded the song in May 1966, the released album version features Jimmy Page , Harold ...

Usage examples of museum.

One Archlute in South Kensington Museum has as many as 24, eleven of which are duplications.

Luke and I take our local bus, the 63, which runs down the boulevard Saint-Germain toward his school and the Seventh Arrondissement, back up toward the Jardin des Plantes and the Fifth, to visit the dinosaur museum.

From 1912 to 1914, Carlos Ameghino and his associates, working on behalf of the natural history museums of Buenos Aires and La Plata, discovered stone tools in the Pliocene Chapadmalalan formation at the base of a barranca, or cliff, extending along the seaside at Miramar.

She branched off at once, away from the Basset Hill museum and its potential director.

We entered the museum on West Seventy-seventh Street, heading directly for the basement offices of the joint bestiary exhibition.

Museum Drive, looking up at the brilliantly lit facade of the New York Museum of Natural History.

It is the very way Professor Osborn and I built the colossal skeleton brontosaur that stands fifty-seven feet long and sixteen feet high in the Natural History Museum, the awe and admiration of all the world, the stateliest skeleton that exists on the planet.

Newberry, the botanist who had worked with Petrie at Hawara, introduced as a promising painter of Egyptian scenes, a square-jawed, clean-shaven American named Reisner, who was serving as a member of the International Catalogue Commission of the Cairo Museum, and a Herr Bursch, a former student of Ebers at Berlin.

Klages has collaborated with science columnist Pat Murphy and others on four books of hands-on science activities for the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco.

Pat has worked for years at the Exploratorium, a wonderful hands-on science museum in San Francisco.

Murphy and Paul Doherty work at the Exploratorium, a San Francisco museum of science, art, and human perception.

So, after some days, when Magpie Maggie Hag had cut and sewn acrobat outfits for the three and they were decently covered, they were allowed out of the wagon to mingle with their new colleagues, and Quashee fed them when he fed Hannibal, and they returned to the museum only to sleep.

Lo Manto held the gun against his waist, took the shopping bag crammed with clothes and shoes, and walked toward the lit area of the museum.

The Museum of African-American Journalism in New Haven reported that they had had a full set on microfiche but it had disappeared.

She wished that Sahor had not gone to the Museum of False Memory to become its new curator while Minnum stayed on to explore Za Hara-at.