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Answer for the clue "Parents wandering round meadow? What could be nicer? ", 10 letters:

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a. (en-comparative of: pleasant )

Usage examples of pleasanter.

Longfield was a thousand times pleasanter than Beechwood, grand as it is.

An hundred houses, and many large plaines are here together inhabited, more abundance of fish and fowle, and a pleasanter seat cannot be imagined: the King with fortie bowmen to guard me, intreated me to discharge my Pistoll, which they there presented me with a mark at six score to strike therewith but to spoil the practice I broke the cocke, whereat they were much discontented though a chaunce supposed.

She was obliged to touch it to continue rubbing the ointment in, and I saw that she liked it, as she touched it when she had no need, and not being able to stand it any longer I took hold of her hand and made her stop her work in favour of a pleasanter employment.

The others were pleasanter, for it is only the first step that is painful, and when the field had been stained with the blood of three successive battles, we abandoned ourselves to repose.

We are not now considering the matter of the agreeableness of one society or another, whether life is on the whole pleasanter in certain conditions at the North or at the South, whether there is not a charm sometimes in isolation and even in provincialism.

Why should we bother to leave Beachwood Drive when Griffith Park can't be any pleasanter?

Nothing would be pleasanter than to read in a well-written book of an open-air ball that took place a century ago.

I've had the tending of him these ten days past, and a gratefuller, pleasanter animal I never met with, and 'twould be worth a gentleman's while to give a five-pound note for him, and let him have a chance.

Forming our own gang will be much pleasanter and safer than trying to join the Hell's Angels.

That she had played the part of one, however, was made plain by the faint odor of onions still clinging to her and mixing rather infelicitously with the richer and pleasanter odor of the limo's interior.

Bohalendas smelled the hot spicy bite of the iska and swung the chair around, ignoring its creak though as usual Lih clapped her hands over her flower-petal ears, but grinned as she did it and whistled a much pleasanter version of the grinding rise and fall of the sound.

Where the salt level is low, either through mineral deficiency in the diet or through excessive loss of salt through perspiration, saltiness becomes a pleasanter sensation than otherwise.

For some time Jacob and Stephen Maturin had been talking about the pleasanter sides of their evening with Mr Wright as they sharpened their instruments on variety of hones and oilstones by the Argand light in the orlop.

And, take it in the autumn, what can be pleasanter than to spend a whole day on the sunny side of a barn or a woodpile, chatting with somebody as old as one's self.

He did not get much talk out of O'Brien, whose thoughts were on pleasanter things.