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Answer for the clue "Planned residential area ", 14 letters:
housing estate

Word definitions for housing estate in dictionaries

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A housing estate is a group of homes and other buildings built together as a single development. The exact form may vary from country to country. Accordingly, a housing estate is usually built by a single contractor, with only a few styles of house or building ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A group of, often architecturally similar, buildings built at the same time. Primarily for residential accommodation, estates may also include commercial facilities.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ Fifty officers went on to a housing estate , forcing entry into several garages. ▪ Joanne was 4 years old and attended a private nursery in a private housing estate within a large city. ▪ The Manchester site, Collyhurst, is a ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a residential area where the houses were all planned and built at the same time

Usage examples of housing estate.

A new housing estate was under construction on both sides of the road, the first in Oakham for fifteen years.

Landscaping schemes languished and the architects were displeased when an interchange was proposed on land designated for a housing estate.

The housing estate was a soulless, depressing place, made worse by the dull skies above.

That evening he walked to the Kilcooley housing estate on the ring road and found Ganaway Gardens.

Mucklands Wood was the home of the Trinities, a bleak tower block housing estate which the city council had thrown up in the first couple of years after the Fens flooded.

Where the road topped out, near another housing estate and a little shop, they got off.

South of Jena, in the suburb of Stadtroda, when he was driving between the huge and hideous apartment blocks of the housing estate, a Trabant came bucketing out of a side road.

The luxury housing estate was still sealed off from the press and public, but had been tramped over by an army of heavy-footed investigators.

There was a thin gap between two of the wire fences, beyond which was the garden to a housing estate.

He'd slipped back into the shadows of a tower-block, and from there deep into the Catholic housing estate.

The club was called The Outlook, and attracted men who were prepared to take a walk on the wilder side of life, partly because the activities that took place beyond the dancefloor were apt to get a little raunchy, and partly because the pub was situated at the edge of South London's largest and most trouble-ridden public housing estate.

Somewhere nicer than the big sprawling housing estate where they lived now.

My brick was operating at the southern edge of the town near a housing estate.