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Answer for the clue "Prestige suits — and what paid for them? ", 12 letters:
credit cards

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n. (credit card English)

Usage examples of credit cards.

He had also removed her name from all his credit card accounts, which wasn't a hardship on her because she had her own credit cards, but damn if she hadn't gone ballistic when she found out.

Worldpark was largely a cash business, because so many people still preferred to pay for things that way, despite the advent of credit cards, which the park was just as pleased to use, and despite the ability of guests to charge everything to their hotelroom accounts - instructions for which were printed on every plastic card-key in the language of the individual guest.

There sat the four handguns, the packets of phony documents, credit cards, and cash.

But my advice to you is that you cease to use credit cards and make her come to you for cash.

Another fifteen thousand wouldn't make any difference when added to the maybe half a million I still owed on credit cards.

I had not come through the swim and the mud in very good shape but my credit cards, IDs, passport, and cash money had all been in that waterproof money belt Janet had given me so many light-years ago.

But I am most willing to supply you with whatever cash you need using my own credit-and I have already established that my credit cards are honored here despite any political troubles.

They'd lived from paycheck to paycheck, overdrawn, in debt, their credit cards maxed out.

Most of the problems we have from this particular gang comes from credit cards.

One was a long, unmoving line, composed of hopeful congregants trying to get a seat in the last row of the balcony, some of them waving credit cards which the ushers tried not to sneer at.