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Answer for the clue "Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges ", 6 letters:

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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
early 13c., "to satisfy a debt" (either for oneself or on behalf of another), from Old French aquiter "pay, pay up, settle a claim" (12c.), from a "to" (see ad- ) + quite "free, clear" (see quit (adj.)). Meanings "set free from charges" and "to discharge ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
verb COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a court clears/acquits sb (= says that they are not guilty ) ▪ A US court cleared him of bribery allegations. be acquitted of/on a charge (= be judged to be not guilty ) ▪ Both men were acquitted of all charges. the ...

Usage examples of acquit.

Ponter, it seemed unlikely that that would be enough to convince Adjudicator Sard and her associates to acquit Adikor.

He has been governor of the archbishopric of Nueva Caceres for ten years, and has acquitted himself well in what was entrusted to him.

Bossuet, after weighing all historical considerations, felt obliged to acquit Beze of instigating the crime.

And so, Centaine had arranged this meeting, and now she watched her grand-daughter acquit herself with all the aplomb that she had expected of her.

Madame Manzoni told me that I was acting wisely, because, although the judges could not do otherwise than acquit me, everybody knew the real truth of the matter, and Razetta could not fail to be my deadly foe.

As the abbe did not return, I judged that he had faithfully acquitted himself of the commission, and I spent a quiet night.

Not only was Fenayrou accorded extenuating circumstances, but Lucien was acquitted altogether.

The event acquitted her of all the fancifulness, and all the selfishness of imaginary complaints.

The next day the lieutenant of police sent for me, and after he had heard me, as well as the mother and the daughter, he acquitted me and condemned Madame Quinson in costs.

But she is converted and has acquitted herself well in controlling the symbolic retriever.

But he acquitted himself better than I had expected and showed more skill than many an intelligencer properly waged by the government.

If any deep philosophical discussion should occur in England, why, Lully could acquit himself as well as Llull.

The Archbishop of Reims acquitted himself with rare skill and indefatigable zeal.

The end of it was, Tolly Mune acquitted, restored to office in triumph.

Whilst the schools of medicine in this country are as a rule not liable to the charge of vivisectional abuses as regards the higher animals, we cannot altogether acquit them from a rather reckless expenditure of the lives and feelings of cold-blooded creatures.