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Answer for the clue "Regulars in shore leave getting blotto in port ", 8 letters:
le havre

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Le Havre (; ) is an urban French commune and city in the Seine-Maritime department in the Normandy region of northwestern France. It is situated on the right bank of the estuary of the river Seine on the Channel southwest of the Pays de Caux . Modern Le...

Usage examples of le havre.

Freeman, the place they've had dealings with is Le Havre - Harbour-Grace, Mr.

Freeman, the place they've had dealings with is Le Havre Harbour-Grace, Mr.

So long as I board her before we reach Le Havre, it should be all right, but best if we can do it while we're still close off the coast of Spain.

He had been violently ill all the way from Invcrncss to Le Havre, though sea and weather had been quite calm.

We had only the records Jared had obtained for us from the Le Havre harbormaster, showing two visits by the ship-aptly named Bruja--within the last five years, each tirne giving her home port as Bridgctow n, on the island of Barbados.

Of course, he had to be careful& there was the old dose which had come on in Le Havre.

I decided that we would have an affair and I would escape to South America from Le Havre.

In the harbors between Le Havre and Dieppe there are said to be British units still, waiting to be evacuated.

Jim Alley, wounded in Holland, recovered in hospital in England, went AWOL from the 12th Replacement Depot and hitched a ride to Le Havre, then on to Mourmelon, where he arrived on December 15.

Why, he can't even be sure he'll see the night out: there's precious little to stop them from slitting his throat as soon as it's dark and running the ship across the Channel to Cherbourg or Le Havre--neither's more than about sixty miles away, and they'd have a soldier's wind .