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noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE enhanced ▪ This has led to difficulties in interpretation of the possible sequence of events in the development of enhanced platelet reactivity in diabetics. ■ NOUN aggregate ▪ The above studies have attempted to ...

Usage examples of platelet.

I was too far away to make out the platelet parasites around them, but a sense of diffused light there -- like dust floating -- suggested their presence by the thousands or millions.

Perhaps it is odd to admit, but my mind wandered all that afternoon, even while the alien cuttlefish swam alongside within swallowing range and alien platelet creatures danced and hovered within meters of the kayak and parasail.

I could see the internal organs more clearly now -- pulsing and absorbing, moving in peristaltic waves, some of them filled with the green platelet creatures.

The alien Akerataeli appeared to be missing until Aenea pointed to a place far out among the branches where the microgravity was even less, and there -- between the gossamers and glowbirds -- floated the platelet beings.

Henry had had two platelet and two red-cell transfusions in the past two months, and he had been on Anadrol, a steriod to boost his blood counts, for two and a half years.

For instance, one study has shown that depression increases platelet aggregation, which means that being depressed may make you more prone to arterial clotting and arterial aging.

Goldstein shuffled to the last page, past the tests confirming malaria: decreased hemoglobin, hemocrit, platelet count and haptoglobin.

It raised up even higher as they watched, yellow-brown in the harsh sunlight, its two sets of horns searching as its upper body waved from side to side, revealing a light external shell, a platelet with the merest hint of a spire.

His platelet counts dropped alarmingly and his viral count from the hepatitis soared.

In a short time, his platelet counts were back to normal, his viral count had subsided, and there were no symptoms of any disease.

Even here, at the one moment my entire life should have trained me forIntensive Care, 5W, North Tower, Green Wingobscenely lacerated, lost: wanting, needing, but not knowing how to hear the makeshift, temporary metronome measuring out so obvious a rhythm, the meter of the faltering human platelet pump.

He pressed the sensor platelet into the hollow under his ribs on his right side, and saw that the powerpack implant in that location still had a .

The only comment on the smear is that the platelets are markedly decreased and that no reticulocytes are seen.

The refrain thundered so loudly within his skull that the meager assembly of platelets left to guard the vascular borders of his brain might be fatally dislodged by the sheer vibrations of the thunderous noise.

But should his platelets manage to stave off a lethal flood, his cells would suffocate.