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Answer for the clue "Leap year makes us nervous ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word jumpy

Word definitions for jumpy in dictionaries

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. being in a tense state [syn: edgy , high-strung , highly strung , in suspense(p) , jittery , nervy , overstrung , restive , uptight ] [also: jumpiest , jumpier ]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"nervous," 1869, from jump (n.) + -y (2). Related: Jumpiness .

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Jumpy \Jump"y\, a. [Compar. Jumpier ; superl. Jumpiest .] Jumping, or inducing to jump; characterized by jumps; hence, extremely nervous; jittery. Syn: edgy, fidgety, high-strung, in suspense(predicate), jittery, nervous, nervy, overstrung, restive, uneasy, ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. nervous and excited.

Usage examples of jumpy.

Rehearsals had turned him into a pessimist, and, now that the actual moment of production had arrived, his nerves were in a thoroughly jumpy condition, especially as the duologue was to begin in two minutes and the obliging person who had undertaken to prompt had disappeared.

To mollify me, Petro volunteered to try to inveigle himself in to examine Zeuko, but he warned me the Second were jumpy.

That and his hair and his clothes had all been developed to make him seem like a cool norteamericano, not the jumpy, emotional Mexican that blue-eyed Duluth voters were afraid of.

It was a long dry haul, the bedding straw crunching monotonously under them, she constantly shifting to more comfortable positions as he angrily pressed his weight into her, finally a draining that was more hydrostatics than passion which left him jumpy rather than satisfied.

I was jumpy in my synthetic skin, twitching like a meth comedown, uncomfortable with who I physically was.

The toddlers that played unsupervised on our quiet street made her jumpy.

Ski led all four dogs to our jeep, and after some difficulty with Lady, who was indeed quite jumpy, we left.

You come from one of the greatest warrior Families in the Empire, but every time we have to wait around for a bit, you get jumpier than a nun at a dating agency.

Her nerves grew even jumpier when they reached the palace and found that the archon had brought out his handful of armed guards.

By Thursday Jenny noticed that Zach had dark circles under his eyes and Dee was jumpier than ever.

Right now, for some reason, they seem jumpier than ever, and it rubs off on everyone else down the line.

It was blacker than the inside of a cow, he thought in his ponderous way, and having to keep an eye out for smokies was making him jumpier than a goddamn basket of bullfrogs.

The pressure put him in competition for the title of Jumpiest Man on Earth.

Fifty percent of his disability was posttraumatic stress disorder, and the pressures of the city kept him jumpy all the time.

Nor were the commanders of the clan companies pleased to learn that a jumpy watchwoman had set off this commotion by pressing the wrong alert button, unleashing rockets into the placid autumn night where a few hoots from the siren would have been proper.