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Answer for the clue "Long pieces of tartan worn over the shoulder ", 6 letters:

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n. (plural of plaid English)

Usage examples of plaids.

Snowdon dress the children in rational little outfits, in bright, happy colors that matched, no stripes disagreeing with plaids, no unsanctioned dress-up boas and diamond tiaras and space-gear stun guns strapped to pipe-cleaner hips.

Malcolm lighted a candle, and, with a little difficulty, got them up into the wider part of the cleft, where he had arranged comfortable seats with plaids and cushions.

Pluto, a rough-hewn crew in their native plaids and twills, were the loudest.

Many clans have plaids of their own, though many were wiped out by the English laws enacted and enforced after the Forty-five.

Jill saw that the luxurious chamber was filled with people in the plaids of the noble-born.