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Answer for the clue "Face that a woman usually has on a certain day in May? ", 5 letters:

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Brave is an open source web browser based on the Chromium web browser and its Blink engine, announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project , Brendan Eich . It aims to block website trackers and remove intrusive internet advertisements , replacing them ...

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n. a North American Indian warrior people who are brave; "the home of the free and the brave" [ant: timid ]

Usage examples of brave.

One evening, shortly after the much heralded and applauded return of those annoyingly brave knights, I was making my way across the courtyard toward the castle.

The Collectivist who drove it on his suicide mission, brave with drink and the assuredness of death, had rammed the blockade at Sly Station and powered on toward Spit Bazaar, but the militia had detonated the train as it approached, tearing a hole in the stitching of arches that went the length of New Crobuzon.

Balon the Brave, Balon the Blessed, Balon Twice-Crowned, who won us back our freedoms and our god.

Lady Bellamy, I have heard all about it, including your own brave behaviour, to which, the doctor tells me, George owes his life.

The simple fact was that she had become besotted by a big, tough, brave guy and that she no longer loved the man she had married almost as a girl, the man who spent all day making chairs and tables.

The honorable gifts, bestowed by the chief on his brave companions, have been supposed, by an ingenious writer, to contain the first rudiments of the fiefs, distributed after the conquest of the Roman provinces, by the barbarian lords among their vassals, with a similar duty of homage and military service.

At his back slept two almost brainless creatures--his sole support against the awful odds he must face before he could hope to succor the divinity whose image was enshrined in his brave and simple heart.

While he has produced an unabashedly commercial page-turner, Braver has also probed, in a profound and often disturbing fashion, some fundamental questions about the ever-expanding role of biotechnology in modern life.

A few more families had settled here by then, the ones that was braver than most.

Now all of those things seemed so trivial compared to the task she had before her, and these men, who were stronger and braver and more honest than any she had ever known, they were looking at her with that same doubt she had borne for all of her life.

Pullo and Vorenus took a bet that each was braver than the other, and demanded that the Ninth be the judges.

Would it not be better, finer, braver to leave the rubbish where it lies and walk out into the world a free untrammelled illiterate Superman?

It required courage to set forth on that journey, but I was braver than I had ever been, and I understood the pressure of necessity.

But there were other, braver men in the throng, and rocks and filth pelted the soldiery.

The heights, where the rich lived, now twinkled with occasional lights as the braver nobility found the courage to return to their homes.