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Answer for the clue "Female in brigade failing physical education? ", 5 letters:

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adj. below the required standards for a purpose; "an unfit parent"; "unfit for human consumption" [ant: fit ] not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition; "fat and very unfit"; "certified as unfit for army service"; "drunk and unfit for service" ...

Usage examples of unfit.

I think he might have dared to declare the wine unfit and called for a different amphora to be broached had he and I not been very thirsty from traveling.

Arlbery laughed heartily at the recital, assuring her she doubted not but she had made acquaintance with some dangerous fair one, who was playing upon her inexperience, and utterly unfit to be known to her.

Crude brawlers, these self-styled cantrev lords are unfit to command even their own households.

Others again, although suited to the production of one type of beer, are quite unfit for the brewing of another.

The very low initial heat, and the employment of relatively large quantities of readily transformable malt adjuncts, enable the American brewer to make use of a class of malt which would be considered quite unfit for brewing in an English brewery.

But as for such who have busied themselves in many broyles, or have beene vehement in the prosecution of any lust, as the ambitious, the amorous, the wrathfull man, these still retaine the glimpses and dreames of such things as they have performed in their bodies, which makes them either altogether unfit to remaine there where they are, or else keepes them long ere they can put off their soules.

In the house, vainly rich and foolishly unfit for them, the bereaved family whom the Marches had just left lingered together, and tried to get strength to part for the night.

I was abhorred of them, and unfit to dwell among them, or be partaker of their benefits, because I had sinned against the Saviour.

News that the trial had taken place got around, and I heard that I had chosen the time of the Champion Hurdle so that I could keep the unfit state of Pease Pudding decently concealed.

Prince Casudo had been a good man, a very good man, even saintly-but it was as Chancellor Rebozo had said: that very goodness had made him unfit to be king.

As part of the reconsolidation of America as a White Herrenvolk democracy, Northerners joined with Southerners in denouncing the period of Radical Reconstruction as a disastrous mistake and the Blacks as unfit for government.

The King of Goimr having been determined an insane man, the Council of State declared him unfit for regnancy and placed him in an asylum, where, I regret to say, the poor man hanged himself in his sleep.

In winter wooden frames, with heavy hangings, were erected across these openings and that of the tablinum, for the Romans soon found the necessity for modifying the arrangements which, although well suited for an Italian climate, were wholly unfit for that of Britain.

Fame at its utmost best,--and Theos sighed once or twice restlessly as he inwardly reflected how poor and unsatisfying were his own poetical powers, and how totally unfitted he was to cope with a rival so vastly his superior.

Nor is the explanation far to seek, for the valleys afforded shelter to the wolves, and were in places obstructed by undrained marshes, unhealthy and unfitted for the herdsman and his flocks, and impenetrable as regards roads.