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Answer for the clue "Flock of sheep almost subdued dog ", 6 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Follow \Fol"low\, n. The art or process of following; specif., in some games, as billiards, a stroke causing a ball to follow another ball after hitting it. Also used adjectively; as, follow shot.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
verb COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES come/follow close on the heels of sth ▪ Yet another scandal followed close on the heels of the senator’s resignation. consequences follow (= happen ) ▪ Once the decision has been made, consequences follow. devoted following ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Middle English folwen , from Old English folgian , fylgian , fylgan "to accompany (especially as a disciple), move in the same direction as; follow after, pursue, move behind in the same direction," also "obey (a rule or law), conform to, act in accordance ...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Follow may refer to: Follow (album) , the third album by Pakho Chau Follow (dancer) , one member of a partner dance "Follow", a song by Richie Havens from his 1966 album Mixed Bag "Follow", a song by Drowning Pool from their 2001 album Sinner "Follow", ...

Usage examples of follow.

Moreover, thou sayest it that the champions of the Dry Tree, who would think but little of an earl for a leader, are eager to follow me: and if thou still doubt what this may mean, abide, till in two days or three thou see me before the foeman.

Judge must sentence her to an abjuration of all heresy, on pain of the punishment for backsliders, together with the perpetual penance, in the following manner.

For it says there: He who has been involved in one kind or sect of heresy, or has erred in one article of the faith or sacrament of the Church, and has afterwards specifically and generally abjured his heresy: if thereafter he follows another kind or sect of heresy, or errs in another article or sacrament of the Church, it is our will that he be judged a backslider.

That supposition was borne out as the captain came aboard, followed by a spotty midshipman and his file of marines.

The Swamp Folk and the other aborigines will no longer revere you and follow you and call you their Great Advocate if you are without it, will they, Lady of the Eyes?

Conquerors followed, and conquerors of those, an empire killed its mother aborning, a religion called men to strange hilltops, a new race and a new state bestrode the Earth.

He followed immediately after, covering her with his naked body, then immediately adjusted himself, side to side and up and down so that his chest hairs abraded her nipples and his erection rested between her legs.

Not knowing exactly what excuse to make, but hoping for something to turn up, the mullah took a lantern and followed him out, taking the lead as they passed through the gap in the fence and drew abreast of the mosque portico.

The Alabama statute was very clear that the absentee ballots had to be notarized by the voter in order to be counted, and that procedure had been followed for years.

Lead truck following Aby, rolling down to the fatal turn, where the woods came near the road.

The Abies children would be turned over to their maternal grandparents following a nutritious meal, routine physical and psychological examinations, and subsequent individual questioning.

Then calling on the name of Allah, he gave a last keen cunning sweep with the blade, and following that, the earth awfully quaked and groaned, as if speaking in the abysmal tongue the Mastery of the Event to all men.

Lowbacca warned that the corvettes coming from Myrkr were accelerating and spreading out, and the half-dozen vessels they had been following were turning toward the cruiser.

Cofort rose and made to follow, her graceful form showing no sign of the high acceleration, but when she paused to glance back, Jellico gave in to impulse and stayed her with a gesture.

When I saw Nanette in my arms, beaming with love, and Marton near the bed, holding a candle, with her eyes reproaching us with ingratitude because we did not speak to her, who, by accepting my first caresses, had encouraged her sister to follow her example, I realized all my happiness.