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Answer for the clue "Flow of particles from the sun ", 10 letters:
solar wind

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n. (context astronomy English) The outflow of charged particles from the solar corona into space. Because of the high temperature of the particles of the corona, they are moving at speeds higher than the solar escape velocity.

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Solar Wind is an album by pianist Ramsey Lewis which was recorded in 1974 and released on the Columbia label. It was partly recorded in Memphis with former Stax producer and session guitarist, Steve Cropper, a member of the Booker T and the MGs group.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a stream of protons moving radially from the sun

Usage examples of solar wind.

Silently it sped back and forth, through comsats to Mars City and dark Phobos, and southward to the Polar Station, and outward through the surging solar wind toward Earth, and even to the tiny Phobos shuttle.

The next two factors, the magnetopause and the magnetotail, are created by the interaction of the Earth's magnetic field with the solar wind, a continual stream of particles outward bound from our hyperactive sun.

The blasters would be especially hard to aim in the magnetopause of Hesprid or the moons-at the edge of their magnetic fields-where the flow of the solar wind was turbulent and unpredictable.

Drug-calm, I found no terror in the vision, nor the moan of the solar wind in my ears.

The kind of helium needed for fusion, 3He (two protons and a neutron make up its nucleus), has been implanted over billions of years by the solar wind in the surfaces of the asteroids.

When heated, the ice vaporizes, forming the long and lovely tails blown outward by the solar wind and the pressure of sunlight.

And that powerful jet was slamming into the slower-moving solar wind that lay between the sun and the spacecraft, churning it up into vast disturbances with tangled magnetic fields.

But it was still running with the solar wind at almost twenty-four thousand kilometers per minute.

A steady drizzle of micrometeorites continued to erode the top millimeter or so of its surface, exposing fresh material to trap hydrogen and helium nuclei from the solar wind.

The solar wind was excluded as a source, yet the elements had to have come from the outside, since the concentration was found to be proportional to the area of the soil grains, not the volume.

The dust was electrostatically charged from the incoming solar wind, too, and this made the freaking stuff cling like mad.

If one included the ions and electrons that forever stream out into space in the solar wind—.

The magnetopause is the 'bow wave' of the Earth's magnetic field as it heads into the solar wind.

The solar wind also causes drag along the direction of the Earth's orbit, creating a further kind of motion of magnetic field lines known as field-aligned currents.

We crossed the heliopause, the invisible boundary where solar wind stops pushing away interstellar dust, and plunged on into deep space.