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Word definitions for provender in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Provender \Prov"en*der\, n. [OE. provende, F. provende, provisions, provender, fr. LL. praebenda (prae and pro being confused), a daily allowance of provisions, a prebend. See Prebend .] Dry food for domestic animals, as hay, straw, corn, oats, or a mixture ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1300, "allowance paid each chapter member of a cathedral," from Anglo-French provendir , Old French provendier "provider; recipient, beneficiary," from Gallo-Roman *provenda , altered (by influence of Latin providere "supply") from Late Latin praebenda ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 food, especially for livestock. 2 An edible material that provides sustenance.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. food for domestic livestock [syn: feed ] a stock or supply of foods [syn: commissariat , provisions , viands , victuals ]

Usage examples of provender.

The crops of that Flaminia province had just been harvested at the time Odoacer retreated into his stronghold, so he certainly took in with him a bounteous stock of fresh provender.

Yet, despite the fact that he was rather hungry for a change, Brewster knew he could never even make a dent in all the provender that Mick had laid out on the table.

The courtyard was full of the wagons and carts and draft animals of stonemasons and carpenters and plasterers and gilders and such, and the conveyances of farmers and tradesmen purveying provender and necessities to the inhabitants of the palace city, and the mounts and carriages and porter-borne palanquins of other visitors come on other business from near and far.

While I wondered what would bring so many together thus early, there came a sound of flutes--for these people can do nothing without piping like finches in a thicket in May--and from the storehouses half-way over to the harbour there streamed a line of carts piled high with provender.

The farm which supplied to him ungrudging provender had all his vast capacity for work in willing exercise: the farmer who held the farm his instinct reverenced as the fountain source of beef and bacon, to say nothing of beer, which was plentiful at Belthorpe, and good.

They all seemed to have congregated in the Pinchgut at the moment, not because the provender here was of better quality, but because it was more abundant.

Dhuoda and her stewards swept the countryside, working frantically for ten days, and brought in all the provender Cook would need as well as additional servingmen and women.

In like sort have I read in Histories how the King of Thrace would throw his miserable ghests to be torne in peeces and devoured of his wild Horses, so niggish was that Tyrant of his provender, that he nourished them with the bodies of men.

As the balefire rose, foot soldiers and others from the Hightower came to aid in gathering up weapons, provender and other useful items from the emptied camp.

The great mill of Bloome crouched upon the eastern edge of the city, a heaped monstrosity, glaring banefully through a hundred eyes, growling and munching as it ate the provender brought by the citizens, spewing out its cloth in endless lengths to be rolled into bolts and carried away.

A utilitarian age requires the fatness of the ecclesiastical land, in order that it may be divided out into small portions of provender, on which necessary working clergymen may live,--into portions so infinitely small that working clergyman can hardly live.

The merchants suffered, as trade goods were tossed wholesale into the river to make way for human cargo, and shortages in the cities ensued as provender was bought up by the cartload from the costermongers who many times sold out their produce before it could arrive at the city markets.

That army, like a herd of cattle run wild and trampling underfoot the provender which might have saved it from starvation, disintegrated and perished with each additional day it remained in Moscow.

One from the charnel houses outside Morp, where provender for the Great Ones is prepared, and we have not the stomach for that one.

Here she found an American cowboy busily engaged in whittling a stick as he sat upon an upturned cracker box and shot accurate streams of tobacco juice at a couple of industrious tumble bugs that had had the great impudence to roll their little ball of provender within the whittler's range.