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Answer for the clue "Newspaper editor forced out ", 9 letters:

Word definitions for expressed in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. (en-past of: express )

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
expressed \expressed\ adj. Communicated in words. Syn: uttered, verbalized. Precisely and clearly expressed, leaving nothing to implication. Opposite of implicit . [Narrower terms: graphic ] Also See: definite , denotative , denotive , overt , open , unequivocal ...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. communicated in words; "frequently uttered sentiments" [syn: uttered , verbalized , verbalised ] precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication; "explicit instructions"; "she made her wishes explicit"; "explicit ...

Usage examples of expressed.

I was then in the habit of calling sometimes upon Lucrezia in the morning, and of visiting in the evening Father Georgi, who was acquainted with the excursion to Frascati, and had not expressed any dissatisfaction.

I examined the actress on the stage, and finding that she was not without beauty I expressed a wish to know her.

Even if she had said that she loved me as much as I adored her, she would not have been more eloquent, for her words expressed all that can be felt.

The prince began reproaching him for what he had said the day before, but the Neapolitan, far from denying the fact, expressed himself that he had felt himself obliged to shew his respect for his prince by letting him rap him about for upwards of two hours.

I thanked her for her visit, begged her to be seated, and I expressed all the interest I felt for her.

I am going to accept your convulsions as natural, and to believe in the demoniac symptoms which came on so seasonably during the exorcisms, although you very properly expressed your doubts on the matter?

Lucie came back an hour later, and expressed her joy and her pride at the wonderful cure she thought she had performed upon me, for the healthy appearance I was then shewing convinced her of my love much better than the pitiful state in which she had found me in the morning.

She came to me with open arms as soon as she saw me, and, embracing me ardently, expressed her gratitude for my long and dreary imprisonment.

I was very much mistaken, for Goudar came back laughing, and said the mother expressed a hope that I should always be the friend of the family.

But when I heard him speak with beautiful flowers of rhetoric for the purpose of gilding the bitter pill, I could not help bursting into a joyous laughter, and I astounded his reverence when I expressed my readiness to go anywhere he might think right to send me.

Everyone expressed a wish to know the reasons which could have induced M.

She added that, being impatient to know what I thought of her, she had asked me to translate to the captain what she had expressed respecting her resolution, knowing that he could neither oppose that resolution nor continue to live with her, and that, as she had taken care not to include me in the prayer which she had addressed to him through me, she had thought it impossible that I should fail to ask whether I could be of some service to her, waiting to take a decision until she could have ascertained the nature of my feelings towards her.

At first I expressed some perplexity at the questions having emanated from her royal highness, and I told her afterwards that I understood cabalism, but that I could not interpret the meaning of the answers obtained through it, and that her highness must ask new questions likely to render the answers easier to be understood.

While my papers were being handed round I saw expressed on every face surprise and indignation, but the superintendent replied haughtily that he was at Amiens to administer justice, and that I could not leave the town unless I paid the fine or gave surety.

Donna Ignazia, a mixture of voluptuousness and piety, like most Spanish women, danced the fandango with so much fire that no words could have expressed so well the Joys that were in store for me.