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Answer for the clue "Nick in place departs as promised ", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word pledged

Usage examples of pledged.

The others, thirty in all, nodded and raised their hands in a silent gesture of assent, as the elves of Talltrees pledged their lives to their war leader.

A light touch—startling against her bared shoulder—had her spinning about, hand at the hilt of the sword she was pledged to wear even on such a night.

All moonblades were pledged to the People, yet the queen could hardly accept the sword without acknowledging its wielder.

A jordain was pledged to follow the law, yet Matteo had risked his future to place himself between an unknown girl and a magehound's personal guard.

I have also pledged to help Tzigone find her mother, or at least to learn of her fate.

Let the Azuthans concern themselves with their good name, but the jordaini are pledged to serve the land.

We got work to be done, if you'd care to sign on for a few days' pledged hire.

She was not happy with Zeerith's sentence, but she had pledged before all the powers of Menzoberranzan to follow'the Xorlarrin matron's advice.

In that desperate moment, Liriel had pledged herself as priestess to Lloth, and she had been accepted.

Since Thorfinn is dead, I came to the village to court his pledged bride.

She herself had successfully bargained with Lloth, when in exchange for the Elfmaid's escape, she had pledged herself as priestess.

His mien was taken directly from the ancient tales he loved to tell: that of a berserker knight pledged to some great lady.

By the very suggestion that he might do evil at her bequest, she had gone against his dearly held faith in her as wychlaran, and in himself as a berserker knight pledged to a worthy lady.

And so the pledged warrior called for food to be brought, and water for washing.

Fyodor had pledged to return the Windwalker to the witches of Rashemen.