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Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A diocese or region of a church which a bishop governs. 2 The office or function of a bishop.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop [syn: diocese ]

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Bishopric \Bish"op*ric\, n. [AS. bisceopr[=i]ce; bisceop bishop + r[=i]ce dominion. See -ric .] A diocese; the district over which the jurisdiction of a bishop extends. The office of a spiritual overseer, as of an apostle, bishop, or presbyter. --Acts i. ...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English bisceoprice "diocese, province of a bishop," from bishop + rice "realm, dominion, province" (see regal ).

Usage examples of bishopric.

But though uttered by a Roman cardinal, even such an expression can hardly be termed violent when applied to the synod which established free elections to bishoprics, suppressed the right of bestowing the pallium, of exacting annates and payments to the papal chancery, and which was endeavouring to restore the papacy to evangelical poverty.

On the 22nd of February the Earl of Ripon announced to the house of lords that the ecclesiastical commissioners had resolved to recommend the continuance of the bishopric of Sodor and Man as a separate see, and not to unite it with the diocese of Carlisle, as had been proposed.

Within four months, however, the new owner had sold the land back to the bishopric and Billard had the sole control that he wanted.

A year ago I told him that I had a son who was preparing himself for the Church, but that I had not the means of keeping him during his studies, and he promised that my son would become his own child, if I could obtain for him from the queen a bishopric in his native country, and he added that it would be very easy to succeed if I could induce the sovereign to recommend him to her daughter, the queen of Naples.

He told me, much to my surprise, that his bishopric, although not one of little importance, brought him in only five hundred ducat-diregno yearly, and that, unfortunately, he had contracted debts to the amount of six hundred.

He had served the state well as an agent at The Hague, and his grateful king rewarded him by giving him a bishopric on the day of his death.

The line then ran west of the three Bishoprics, Verdun, Metz and Toul, west of Franche Comte, just east of Lyons and again west of Savoy and Nice.

As Witness Eight in the first week, Coucy testified from personal knowledge, telling how, when Pierre went to take possession of the Bishopric of Metz, he had required the men-at-arms of his brother, Count Waleran de Pol, to evict the Urbanist clerics who held the episcopal property.

I will tell you that the bishopric of Vannes is worth about twenty thousand livres a year, neither more nor less.

With reference to the lands attached to bishoprics the chancellor of the exchequer laid down this principle, namely, that if by the act of parliament to be introduced any new value was given to benefices, that new value not belonging properly to the church might be appropriated to the exigencies of the state.

But it was in the earlier part of his career, before he received the bishopric of Durham in 1099, that he probably began the work at Christchurch with which we are at present concerned.

Ernest Augustus, prince of Brunswick, duke of York, and bishop of Osnabruck, died on the third day of August, and was succeeded in the bishopric by the elector Cologn, according to the pactum by which Osnabruck is alternately possessed by the house of Brunswick and that elector.

It is, indeed, the seat of two bishoprics, one Anglican and one Roman Catholic.

Thomas had taken office pledged to defend ecclesiastical interests, and he was so far true to his pledge, that while he was chancellor he put an end to the abuse of keeping bishoprics and abbeys vacant.

He was rigid and cruel, put earls in bondage who had acted against his wishes, cast bishops from their bishoprics and abbots from their abbacies, and thanes into prison .